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A minor Goa'uld lord. When Ramius tried to form an alliance with Tilgath, another minor Goa'uld, he suffered losses at the hands of Anubis's new super-soldier -- including the death of his First Prime. Ramius returned to his base of operations, only to be attacked and presumably killed by another super-soldier when attempting to flee to a ring room. Anubis likely absorbed Ramius' army into his own, gathering his forces to war against the United Alliance of the System Lords.

Ramius commanded a powerful gravity of authority. By not even having to speak, he demanded respect. He was not amused by Jack O'Neill when he captured and imprisoned SG-1, and refused to believe that the S.G. teams had come to his aid to capture the super-soldier.


PLAYED BY - Sean Whale
FIRST APPEARED - Evolution, Part 1


Evolution, Part 1 - Ramius attempts to forge an alliance with Tilgath, but is interrupted by a super-soldier under Anubis's command. Though he escapes, Ramius is presumably later killed by a super-soldier.