Ryan (II)

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Police detective in the city of Colorado Springs. A regular patron in Sol's Diner, Detective Ryan was one of the first people Vala Mal Doran befriended after being stricken with amnesia.

Vala was unable to conceal her troubled past, even from herself, when she discovered she was capable of halting a two-man robbery in the restaurant. Ryan took her down to his precinct for a statement and found that she was unwilling to cooperate. Vala ultimately told him the truth -- but after a string of lies (and a failed attempt to sneak out the back exit) he could not bring himself to believe anything she told him.

After Ryan posted a picture of "Val" for circulation the Air Force responded with a positive identification, requesting that they be allowed to pick up Vala from the precinct. Unbeknownst to Ryan the Air Force was beaten to the location by agents from the [[Trust]. They posed as Air Force officers and took Vala only minutes before Samantha Carter and her team arrived.


PLAYED BY - Adrian Holmes


Memento Mori - After a failed robbery attempt, Detective Ryan takes the amnesia-stricken waitress Val down to his precinct, and is surprised when the Air Force identifies her with words relating to national security.