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The personification of the Jaffa Shau'nac in Teal'c's delusional mind, as he sustained himself and Bra'tac with a single symbiote following the Ambush of Kresh'ta.

Shauna cared a great deal for "T," to the point of keeping quiet regarding his questioned sanity. She knew the rest of T's squad of firefighters, and helped to care for "Bray" during his days of dialysis treatment.

See also: Shau'nac


PLAYED BY - Musetta Vander
FIRST APPEARED - The Changeling


The Changeling - Teal'c, doing his utmost to remain alive for he and Bra'tac's very survival, begins to hallucinate of Shauna, who just happens to be the personification of Shau'nac.