The Rules of Engagement

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Jaffa battle exercises and codes to hone the skills of warriors until they are met with the presence of their god Apophis, who makes the selection of his warriors through the final challenge, then ushering them into his battalions.

The Rules of Engagement instructs that battles be fought with intar until the Final Challenge. The forces are broken into two or four groups who practice battle against each other.

Rule 2, Article 4: Unauthorized forces shall be shot on sight That enemy must play "dead" for the remainder of the day.

The Final Challenge: The opposing sides dual each other to the death with real weaponry, uncovered from a secret location for this specific occasion. Those who are left standing are worthy of joining the throngs of active Jaffa warriors.

Summoning the image of Apophis mid battle is also against the rules.


Rules of Engagement - SG-1 stumbles upon a camp that belongs to Apophis, where his forces are preparing to infiltrate Stargate Command.