Tok'ra communicator

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Handheld communications device developed by the Tok'ra, with the ability to transmit over very long distances, from deep beneath the surface of a planet to as far away as an orbiting spacecraft. The devices are small, handheld and easily concealed, as well as durable. They are often used by members of SG-1 on missions with which the Tok'ra are involved.


Jolinar's Memories - Martouf gives O'Neill a Tok'ra communicator to stow away on their journey to Ne'tu, Sokar's prison moon.
The Devil You Know - Jackson regains a Tok'ra communicator, confiscated by Apophis, to make contact with Teal'c in orbit in hopes of a rescue.
Summit - Jacob/Selmak equipped Daniel with a Tok'ra communicator during his time with Yu at the System Lords' summit.
Last Stand - Daniel uses the Tok'ra communicator to consult with Jacob/Selmak during the remainder of his time in Yu's service.
Homecoming - O'Neill uses a communicator on Langara to talk to Daniel and Jonas, aboard Anubis's ship over Kelowna's capital city.
Evolution, Part 2 - Jacob/Selmak is armed with a Tok'ra communicator before he infiltrates Anubis's facility on Tartarus.