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Athosian boy, and a friend of Jinto. Wex possesses a mask that is fashioned to look like a Wraith warrior, and wears it when he and Jinto play games, taking turns being the feared hunter and the hunted.

Wex was among the survivors who traveled to Atlantis following a Wraith culling on his home planet of Athos, later resettling with his people on a nearby continent on the Atlantis planet. Whether he is orphaned or has surviving parents is not known.


PLAYED BY - Casey Dubois
FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - Wex and Jinto stumble into the Atlantis team on their maiden journey to Athos.
Rising, Part 2 - Wex relocates to Atlantis with the Athosians following a Wraith attack on their homeworld.
Hide and Seek - Jinto and Wex play in their new Atlantis home, only to have Jinto go missing and unleash an alien entity in the city.