Wraith stunner bomb

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Spherical device created by Wraith engineers, capable of generating a pulse that renders nearby victims unconscious. The bomb is appears to be a little more than one-half meter in diameter, and is ideal for deploying through an open Stargate in order to incapacitate victims on the other side -- leaving a target planet ripe for a foot assault and culling.

The weapon appears to generate a charge for several seconds after it is activated. When it detonates it sends a wave of energy in every direction, energy that is able to pass through glass, concrete, and other barriers to affect targets on multiple levels throughout an enclosed structure.

After activation the device itself appears undisturbed, and might be reusable.

The bomb likely generates the same form of energy as the Wraith's stunner rifle, staff, and pistol, though without the concussive force of hand weapons. Exposure appears to have no long-term health effects.


Midway - The Wraith deploy a stunner bomb to Earth through the Stargate, knocking out personnel throughout multiple levels of the S.G.C. base.