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Leader of Euronda base in a long war against an enemy his people called "Breeders." Alar was but a child when the first bombs fell on Euronda. His father formed the underground bunkers to protect their civilization from the enemy. Alar admitted that his father's vision was the extermination of all who would contaminate their species' blood purity. After meeting SG-1 he was extremely prejudiced against Teal'c, who was of a different race and species than the other members of the team.

Alar was very interested in trading for a continued deuterium supply with Earth, a supply that would keep the power systems of the Eurondans' base strong and maintained with energy to protect and fight against the Breeders. When SG-1 discovered the reasons behind the war, and the Nazi ideology, they cut the supply of heavy water and used Euronda's automated fighters against the base itself, damaging it beyond repair.

In a desperate and cowardly act to save his own life, Alar offered to teach Earth everything he knew, and is believed to have killed himself by impacting the Earth Stargate's iris when O'Neill ordered it closed behind him.


PLAYED BY - Rene Auberjonois (web site)


The Other Side - Alar of Euronda makes contact with his kindred, the peoples of Earth, via the Stargate.