Ancient star map

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Three-dimensional representation of the galaxy, including all planetary outposts once inhabited by the Ancients. Proclarush Taonas and Terra Atlantus are included on the map, which was discovered by SG-1 inside the abandoned Taonas outpost.

The VR room in the Ancient city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy also includes a star map of that region of space. Assuming it is like Taonas, the Atlantus outpost in Antarctica may also contain a star map.


Lost City, Part 2 - O'Neill engages the star map on Proclarush to determine the lost city's location in the galaxy. The map reveals that it was on Earth.
Rising, Part 1 - The Atlantis expedition finds a star map in the lost city, revealing the scope of the Ancients' work in seeding life in the Pegasus Galaxy.