Lost City, Part 2

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Anubis begins a systematic assault on Earth, and the planet's only hope of salvation depends on whether SG-1 can find the Ancients' mythical Lost City.

FAN RATING - 9.44 
NIELSEN - 2.1 
DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
GUEST STARS: William Devane (President Hayes), Jessica Steen (Dr. Elizabeth Weir), Tony Amendola (Bra'tac), James McDaniel (General Francis Maynard), Marc Worden (Ronan), David Palffy (Anubis), Michael Adamthwaite (Herak), Ingrid Kavelaars (Major Erin Gant), Gary Jones (Technician), John P. Jumper (Himself), Ronny Cox (Vice President Kinsey), Kurt Max Runte (Colonel Kirkland), Peter Kufluk (Technician), Colleen Winton (National Security Advisor), John Prowse (Colonel Pearson), Dan Payne (Kull Warrior)
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  • President Hayes tells the Vice President that he have enough on him to have him shot. This is almost certainly a reference to the data disc Hayes received from Richard Woolsey – which he in turn got from General Hammond. The information was acquired by Jack O'Neill and Harry Maybourne when they broke into Kinsey's home computer and found evidence of the then-Senator's connections to illegal operations by a rogue arm of the N.I.D. This included Kinsey's connections to the secret operation Maybourne ran out of Area 51; involvement with the Russians; and threats made to Hammond and his family to force him to resign.


  • "A great series-ender that sets the stage for game-changing events, particularly with regard to Anubis's destruction of an aircraft carrier. I mean, holy smokes! How the heck is the government going to cover something like that up?! Great, great question. Guess we'll find out next season!

    "Or not."

    "Making a special appearance in this episode is General John P. Jumper, former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. I remember running into him in the production office the day before he was to shoot his episode and asking whether he had any plans to explore further acting opportunities in the near future. He chuckled and assured me his Stargate appearance was a one-time-only thing. 'You sure?' I asked. 'Next week, I better not turn on the TV and catch you on Moesha.'" (Writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)