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Chairman, leader of the Tagreans and sympathetic to SG-1 and the crew of the Prometheus. Before the arrival of the ship in their airspace Ashwan's public approval was sketchy at best. Much of it had been reserved under the leadership of Commander Kalfas. With the arrival of the X-303, his men were far less interested in what the Chairman had to say, and relied more on Kalfas for instruction.

Ashwan saw the potential for exploration with unearthing the Stargate and a great potential of friendship and learning in opening and maintaining a dialogue with Earth, and because of this found great opposition from Kalfas. Eventually, Ashwan had to remove him from his command, and struggled to maintain the loyalty of the military. He was successful, and managed to maintain relations with Earth as well, allowing SG-1 to return to their world and bring back supplies to fix the Prometheus.


PLAYED BY - Robert Foxworth


Memento - Ashwan is surrpised to learn of inhabitants from another world and is quick to render aid to their plight.