Bola Kai

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A tribe of primitive warriors, known and feared throughout the Pegasus Galaxy. The Bola Kai are said to be cannibals, searching out villages they deem weak and attacking without mercy. For this reason, they may be nomadic.

The Bola Kai dress in animal skins and furs, and many paint or tattoo their faces. They carry wooden spears, arrows, and bladed weapons such as axes. They are skilled pack hunters, holding captive prey within simple wooden cages.

Though they appear savage Bola Kai are intelligent. In addition to their hunting expertise, when they arrive on a planet they leave guards behind to secure the Stargate.

The leader of the Bola Kai is a man named Omal. He is ruthless and prideful, and after taking Teyla Emmagan and Jennifer Keller captive on New Athos he reacted violently to the accusation that his people are Wraith worshipers. Omal insisted that they too are hunted by the Wraith, like all other humans in the galaxy.




Missing - Teyla and Dr. Keller find the Athosian village on New Athos deserted, and attempt to hide from the Bola Kai long enough to be rescued.