Wraith worshipers

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A designation used for humans in the Pegasus Galaxy who have become allies of the Wraith, serving them and even worshiping them as deities of a sort – or at least powerful beings who have total domination over human lives.

Many Wraith worshipers do so of their own free will, opting to serve in the courts of hive queens rather than suffer under the constant fear of cullings and feedings, along with the rest of the galaxy.

But other Wraith worshipers are converted by force, brainwashed by repeated Wraith feedings. The Wraith drains the victim's life and then restores it to them, again and again, until the victim's will is utterly broken. Worshipers who are converted in this manner come to see their tormentors as benevolent givers of life, and sometimes return to receive the "gift of life" once again – keeping them under the thrall of the Wraith.

The Atlantis expedition encountered a handful of Wraith worshipers, including a woman named Neera, a man named Nabel, and three of Ronon Dex's former Satedan friends – Tyre, Ara, and Rakai. After Ronon himself was captured and forcibly turned into a worshiper, Atlantis proved that with a strong enough victim the process is reversible.


The Hive - After capturing John Sheppard, a Wraith hive queen reveals that his fellow prisoner – a seemingly innocent young woman – is one of her agents.
Reunion - Ronon is reunited with three of his friends from Sateda, only to discover that they have been forcibly converted into Wraith worshipers.
Missing - Teyla and Dr. Keller find the Athosian settlement empty, victims of a Wraith worshiper spy in their midst who sold them out.
Broken Ties - Ronon's friend Tyre returns and captures him, handing him over to be brainwashed and converted into worshiping the Wraith himself.