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Overseer of the subterranean workers on P3R-118. Brenna served as the go-between to the workers and to Administrator Caulder, who made certain she was memory stamping the population to keep them subjugated.

Brenna reviewed the ideas of Therra (the memory-stamped Major Carter) to increase efficiency of the workplace but was forced, by Caulder, to refuse them for fear that the improvements would eventually lead to no need for workers.

Eventually, Brenna attempted to aid in SG-1's escape, and was shot in the arm by a guard. Following the skirmish beneath the surface, she returned to Earth with the team.


PLAYED BY - Alison Matthews
FIRST APPEARED - Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface - Brenna is continually forced to lie to her employees about the conditions of the world above, and finally decides enough is enough.