Cloverdale creatures

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Indigenous lifeforms on a planet visited by a Destiny team, which attacked Lt. Matthew Scott and infected him with its spores. As the infection caused a massive, bluish growth on his arm and spread throughout his bloodstream, Scott fell into a dream about another life at home in the small town of Cloverdale.

The creatures exhibit properties of both plant and animal life, leading Destiny scientists to speculate that it may be similar to coral on Earth. The organisms seem to be linked by a massive, underground root system -- yet they are capable of at least a limited sort of locomotion. They lure in prey by appearing as a field of beautiful flowers, only to rise up and strike quickly. Once infected, the prey lives long enough to spread the creatures spores to another location.

They are averse to fire, and also to the unstable energy vortex created when the planet's Stargate is activated.


Cloverdale - While the team tries desperately to save Lt. Scott from his infection, Sgt. Greer leads a team in fending off the attacking creatures around the Stargate.