Genii nuclear device

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Primitive (but effective) portable unit constructed by the Genii with the help of Dr. Rodney McKay. Designed with the hopes of eventually striking back at the Wraith, the Genii have been improving on the technology for several years. They had originally hoped to test the first device by 2009, but the reawakening of the Wraith (and McKay's knowledge of nuclear technology) accelerated their process.

The original shielding of the device was minimal and will likely leave lasting scars on the scientists who worked closely with the technology. This aside, once inside their shields one warhead is fully capable of destroying a Wraith hive ship.


Underground - Dr. McKay inspects the Genii nuclear technology and declares that they are on the right track, with enough uranium to get the job done.
The Siege, Part 2 - Weir acquires two nuclear devices from the Genii to test on the Wraith.
The Siege, Part 3 - One Genii nuclear device is used on a hive ship, destroying the vessel in Lantean orbit.