Kresh'ta (planet)

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Planet where a meeting of several rebel Jaffa leaders was held. One-hundred eight warriors were in attendance, and all but two -- Teal'c and Bra'tac -- were slain by the Goa'uld System Lords.

Surviving what would come to be known as the Ambush of Kresh'ta, Teal'c used his symbiote's healing abilities to keep both himself and Bra'tac alive for three days, passing it back and forth between the two of them. His ascended friend Daniel Jackson appeared to Teal'c in a dream, helping to keep him alive until help arrived.

Kresh'ta is a place of beautiful sunsets, tainted only by the bodies of slain warriors.


HOME TO - Population Annihilated
FIRST APPEARED - The Changeling


The Changeling - Teal'c keeps both himself and Bra'tac alive for three days amongst dead Jaffa on Kresh'ta while they hold out for a rescue.
Orpheus - Teal'c informs Daniel Jackson (who has lost his memory) that he stayed with him for the 3-day period when he was near death on Kresh'ta.