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Leader of the Travelers, a no-nonsense captain and native of the Pegasus Galaxy. Larrin is intelligent and cutthroat, not afraid to use either her beauty or brute force to get what she wants. She has a unique relationship with John Sheppard, whom she once kidnapped in order to force him to activate a Lantean warship that her people had discovered.

Larrin has great pride in her people's way of life, their independence, and skill in keeping their small fleet running. While the loss of a ship can be a major hardship for the Travelers, the discovery and activation of the Lantean ship held the promise of creating room for thousands of people.

Larrin's concerns are ultimately for her people alone, though she did agree to bring ships into the battle against the Replicators – alongside the Atlantis expedition and even a faction of Wraith. She is willing to strike alliances, so long as the benefit to her own people is clear.


PLAYED BY - Jill Wagner


Travelers - Larrin captures John Sheppard and tries to force him to activate the Travelers' Lantean warship.
Be All My Sins Remember'd - After she finds Sheppard's team negotiating with Todd's Wraith, she agrees to join the fight against the Replicators.
The Lost Tribe - Occupied with the destruction of a Traveler colony, Larrin sends one of her captains – Katana Labrea – to see if Atlantis knows why Stargates are blowing up.