Ori fighter

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Small assault ship deployed from a ventral bay on Ori warships. They are equipped with Ori shielding, and the weapons similar to the "pulse" firepower their mother ships possess.

Ori fighters are small, dart-shaped, and highly maneuverable. They possess dorsal flaps for controlled deceleration (which may also be used for greater control of the ship in tight combat). Their defenses are more than comparable to Al'kesh. A typical death glider is no match for the craft.

An Ori fighter deploys a transport rings platform carried under its ventral side.

The craft can be equipped with large pincer arms on its ventral side, allowing it to carry and deploy an Ori transport rings platform to a target area. This allows the orbiting warship to rapidly deploy troops to the surface using the transporter technology.


FIRST APPEARED - Flesh and Blood


Flesh and Blood - Ori fighters are deployed from their mother ships and sent into Chulak's atmosphere to engage a group of Al'kesh and gliders.
Line In the Sand - When Ori fighters strafe the village on P9C-882, Teal'c witnesses one of them deploy a ring transporter platform on the surface.