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When Dr. McKay is trapped underwater in a sinking Puddle Jumper, his only chance for survival may be an hallucination of Samantha Carter.

DVD DISC: Season 2, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Martin Gero
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

Czech translation by d3u5

PUDDLE JUMPER (hereafter referred to as JUMPER 6 for reasons that will become obvious shortly). The Jumper is flying over the ocean. On board are Doctor Rodney McKay and a pilot called Griffin. Rodney checks a display at the co-pilot's seat, then walks to a panel further back.

GRIFFIN: So, let me ask you something. As a scientist, does it bother you that most of your work, no matter how brilliant, will eventually be considered misguided? 'Cause that would bother me.

McKAY: I'm sorry?

GRIFFIN: Well, given enough time, everything's pretty much proven wrong, right?

McKAY: No.

GRIFFIN: Everything from the Earth being flat, to the sun revolving around us.

McKAY (walking to another panel near the rear of the ship): Well, if you wanna go back hundreds of years!

GRIFFIN: Scientists get it wrong more times than they get it right. (He glances round to Rodney.) Take the tomato.

(Rodney turns and stares at him for a moment.)

McKAY: Excuse me?!

GRIFFIN: Well, after the conquest of Mexico in 1519, tomatoes were carried eastward to Europe, where they were believed to be poisonous.

(Rodney stops what he's doing and walks forward.)

McKAY: Shouldn't you be concentrating on what you're doing?

GRIFFIN: I've got it covered. You worry about you.

McKAY: I am worried about me. This is the first flight this thing has had since it was shot down and repaired. It deserves all of your attention. (He walks towards the rear of the ship again.)

GRIFFIN: It made it to the mainland. If anything was gonna go wrong, it would have gone wrong by now. It took the Italians and the Spaniards to realise that tomatoes are, in fact, delicious.

McKAY (barely containing his irritation): Good for them.

GRIFFIN: Columbus was Spanish -- he figured out the Earth was round.

McKAY (looking annoyed): He was Italian.

GRIFFIN: So I wonder what it is that makes Spaniards so good at debunking bad science? (He glances over his shoulder again.) You're not Spanish, are you?

McKAY (starting to lose his temper): Oh, yes! Of the Barcelona McKays! Now, if you don't mind ...

(The Jumper shakes. Griffin's concentration snaps to the controls as the Jumper continues to shake and vibrate.)

McKAY (stumbling forward and sitting down in the co-pilot's seat): What is it? Turbulence?

GRIFFIN: The inertial dampeners on this thing should smooth that out. (The Jumper jolts.) What the hell?

McKAY (looking at his screens): Right drive pod's intermittently switching to reverse thrust.

GRIFFIN: Cut it. I can drive with just the left pod.

McKAY: It's not recognising any of my commands. (He stands up and staggers over to one of the side panels.)

GRIFFIN: Brace for impact.

McKAY (high-pitched): What?!

GRIFFIN: We're goin' down!

(As Rodney continues trying to gain control of the Jumper from the side panel, Griffin activates the comms.)

GRIFFIN: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

(The Jumper drops down and splashes onto the ocean, skimming across the surface for a few seconds until the resistance of the water brings it to a halt. It promptly sinks. As the camera pulls back for a high shot of the ocean, we can see that there is no land (or city) in sight.)

LATER. Griffin is slumped unconscious over the console. Dr Radek Zelenka calls over the radio.

ZELENKA: Griffin, McKay, come in please.

(Rodney is unconscious on the floor but starts to rouse.)

ZELENKA (over radio): Jumper Six, come in please. Griffin, McKay, come in please.

(Rodney revives enough to speak into his headset.)

McKAY: Yeah, we're here.

(In Atlantis' Control Room)

ZELENKA: Rodney! Thank God! We thought you ... I've been trying to get ahold of you for over an hour. (To a technician) Find Doctor Weir -- tell her I've made contact.

(In the Jumper, Rodney gets to his feet and goes over to Griffin.)

McKAY: Hey, hey, hey, you OK?

(Griffin rouses.)

GRIFFIN (weakly): Not so good.

ZELENKA (over radio): Are you alright?

McKAY (helping Griffin to sit up in his seat): I think we could both use an extended stay in the Infirmary. What the hell happened?

ZELENKA: The Jumper you were flying dropped off our screens. It crashed into the ocean.

(Rodney looks irritated that Radek is stating the obvious.)

McKAY: Yes, yes, yes, we ...

(He lifts his head for the first time and looks out of the windshield. He stares at the sight.)

McKAY: We're under water.

ZELENKA: Yes, you are.

McKAY: Then how are you gonna find us?

ZELENKA: We've determined the direction of your radio signal, but not the range.

McKAY: How deep are we?

(Griffin looks at the windshield and the Jumper responds to his thoughts, bringing up the heads-up display. He reads out what it says.)

GRIFFIN: One two zero zero and falling.

McKAY: Radek, you're gonna have to hurry it up. We're already twelve hundred feet deep and sinking at a rate of about, uh, (he checks the readings on the H.U.D.) twenty feet a minute.

ZELENKA: Very impressive!

McKAY: Excuse me?!

ZELENKA: Well, we always theorised that the Jumpers could be utilised as submersibles.

McKAY: Yes, yes, yes, yes, I theorised it!

ZELENKA: But twelve hundred feet! It's almost the maximum depth of a nuclear powered submarine.

McKAY: We are not so keen on setting any records right now, so just ...

(There's an ominous crackling noise from the front of the Jumper. The H.U.D. flickers on the windshield and then goes out, then a crack appears in the top of the windshield and begins to spread downwards.)

GRIFFIN: That's a problem!

(Rodney reaches down to help him stand up. Griffin flings his arm around Rodney's shoulder and hauls himself to his feet.)

McKAY: Can you move?


McKAY: Radek, the windshield's giving way under the pressure of the ocean!

ZELENKA: Move into the rear compartment -- the seal should be able to hold.

McKAY: One step ahead of you.

(He and Griffin have already reached the rear compartment. Rodney pushes the button that will close the bulkhead doors. The mechanism grinds but the doors don't close.)

McKAY: No! (He pushes the button a few more times but nothing happens.) No-no-no-no-no-no! (He runs further back to another panel.)

GRIFFIN (pushing the button that Rodney just tried): The crash probably damaged all sorts of systems.

McKAY: Maybe if you were more focused on flying than enlightening me on the history of tomatoes ...

GRIFFIN: Well, your focus didn't get the drive pod to shut off. I'm still not blaming you.

McKAY: Yeah, because it's not my fault!

GRIFFIN: I've got an idea. (He turns and hurries into the front section. Rodney turns and stares.)

McKAY: What are you doing?

GRIFFIN: Good luck, Rodney. (He jumps into the pilot's seat and activates a control. The bulkhead doors start to close.)

McKAY (starting to walk forward): No, what are you doing? (The doors close, sealing him in the rear compartment. He bangs on the doors.) Griffin! Griffin?!

(There's an explosive sound on the other side of the doors, followed by the sound of water rushing into the front compartment. Rodney backs away from the doors, staring at them in shock.)

McKAY: Why did he do that? (He shouts towards the front compartment.) Why would you do that?!

(He turns and looks around the tiny compartment that he's standing in. It's almost completely dark apart from light coming from a few panels. He has a bad cut on his right temple which is trickling blood down the side of his face. He stares around in terror for a moment, then deliberately closes his eyes.)

McKAY (in a quiet plaintive voice, with his eyes still closed): Wide open fields. Wide open fields. Wide open fields. You're not stuck in a metal casket under thousands of feet of water. You're in a wide open field. (He opens his eyes and looks forward, smiling just a little as he calms down.) There. Now.

(He reaches up and activates his headset.)

McKAY: Zelenka. (There's no reply.) Radek? It's Rodney, come in please. (His calm _expression starts to dissipate as he still gets no reply.) Radek? (He thinks about it for a moment, then starts talking to himself.) Now, of course the radio transmitter is in the forward section, which is now flooded with water, which means that you have no way to contact the surface, which means that they have no way to triangulate your position. (His voice breaks a little.) OK, alright. You've been in worse situations ... (He pauses for a moment, thinking.) Just because you can't think of them right now doesn't make it any less true. (He takes a couple of nervous short breaths.) But you're not dead yet.

(He starts to sound more determined, though he is obviously terrified.)

McKAY: Alright, you can fix this problem -- you just need to ... work one step at a time. Now. Gotta find some light. So ... (He takes his computer tablet which he had tucked under his arm. Using the light from the screen like a torch, he aims the tablet around the compartment.) Alright. (He rummages around and produces a torch, which he switches on.) Ha! Light! I have light! (He laughs triumphantly, then his smile drops as he shines the torch around the compartment.) Now ...

ATLANTIS. Radek Zelenka, Doctor Elizabeth Weir and Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard are walking towards Elizabeth's office from the Control Room.

WEIR: I thought you said life support could sustain them for days?

ZELENKA: I said life support would most likely sustain them for days. I-I had no idea the ship would sink so quickly or that the cockpit would flood.

SHEPPARD: That's when you lost contact?

ZELENKA: If they didn't make it to the rear compartment in time ...

SHEPPARD (firmly): They made it.

ZELENKA: Still, they are going to be much harder to locate now that they're no longer broadcasting.

WEIR: Then find another way.

ZELENKA: Look, even if we do locate them, our options are limited. They're already deeper than a rescue Jumper's windshield can handle.

SHEPPARD: I'll handle the rescue -- you just worry about finding them. I've already got some ideas.

WEIR: Alright, we're on the clock. Let's get back to work.

OCEAN. Jumper 6 is sinking deeper into the water. Inside, Rodney has found a few more torches and flashlights and has set them up around the compartment. He has also found a medical kit and is fixing a sticking plaster over the wound on his temple.

McKAY: Uh! (He looks up as the Jumper creaks ominously. He stands up, looking around nervously.) I'm dropping twenty feet a minute. So pressure increases by one atmosphere every thirty-three feet, so, (he sits down) that's an additional atmosphere every minute and a half. Which means, (he looks at his watch) I'm currently under thirty-seven atmospheres' worth of pressure, and counting. Oh, my! That is a lot. That's ... OK, I've gotta slow down. (He stands up again and activates an open panel of crystals on the other side of the compartment.) OK, alright, I've gotta stop sinking.

(He reaches for the crystals, then pulls his hands back.)

McKAY: No-no-no-no-no-no. Send a message first. Yeah. (He turns away from the panel and looks at the wall behind him.) Check and see if you can get the ... radio transmitter up and running, because they can't find you if you can't tell them where you are. Come on, McKay, prioritise! (He picks up a cable.) Here we go. (He finds one end of the cable, which has a clip on it.) Now. (He attaches the clip to a crystal on another panel.) There we go. There, right. So ... (He attaches the other end to his computer tablet. A message flashes up saying, "JUMPER INTERFACE ACTIVATED".) There we are.

(He sits down.)

McKAY: OK. Now -- how's our radio transmitter? (He pushes the screen a couple of times and a new message comes up: "TRANSMITTER INACTIVE".) Yes, I know that, so ... (he presses the screen again) activate emergency transmitter protocol. (The screen continues to flash "TRANSMITTER INACTIVE", then changes to "EMERGENCY TRANSMITTER ACTIVE". Rodney smiles, then looks skywards.) Now -- we're broadcasting a signal. All it needs to do is penetrate fourteen hundred feet of ocean, (his smile starts to fade) which means that a ... a whopping three percent of the signal will reach the surface, so ... so boost, boost the signal.

(He works on the computer tablet again.)

McKAY: How much power have we got to work with here? (The screen shows, "REMAINING POWER AT LEVEL OF USE: 3:05".) Oh, you gotta be kidding me! (He stares up at the Jumper.) Three hours?! What's eating my power? I'm working with flashlights here! (He looks down at the read-out on the tablet screen.) Inertial dampeners are active? Well, why? I don't need them! (He types.) Shut down inertial dampeners. (The screen says, "ACTION NOT POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME".) Ah, come on! They're draining what little power I have left here!

(He types again but the screen beeps at him. He makes an exasperated sound and stands up, shouting at the Jumper.)

McKAY: You do not need inertial dampeners while you sink! (He glares at the Jumper, then starts to work on the tablet again.) Now ... (He types some more but the screen again flashes up the message, "ACTION NOT POSSIBLE AT THIS TIME". He holds the tablet up and yells at it.) You are a piece of junk! (He lowers the tablet and stares at nothing in particular, his face full of horror.) I'm gonna die!

ATLANTIS. LABORATORY. Radek, wearing a white lab coat, walks over to a group of scientists.

ZELENKA: OK, so, we know the direction which the initial radio signal came from, right, (he turns to a screen showing a map of the ocean) so that places them on this line here. (He runs his hand horizontally across the screen.) Now, unfortunately ocean currents could have pulled them in either direction either this way (he indicates above the line) or that way, (he indicates below the line) so the area, the area is approximately ... (he spreads his fingers and indicates a large area of ocean above and below the two ends of the horizontal line that he first indicated) ... here. (He turns to a female scientist.) Now, Doctor Bryce here has been studying the Ancient database in regards to the ocean (he switches to a new screen which indicates the depth of the ocean in that area) and this particular area is between two and six thousand feet deep.

(A male scientist looks shocked.)

DONALDSON: Six thousand feet?! We'll never be able to get down that far.

ZELENKA: Yes, I know, which is we have to find them before it gets there.

BRYCE: They were already at twelve hundred feet and falling, what, twenty feet a minute?

ZELENKA: Uh, yes, that's right.

BRYCE: That at least gives us a place to start.

ZELENKA: Yes. So, let's begin.

JUMPER 6. The Jumper is still sinking. Rodney wanders around the compartment as he continues to work on the tablet. He looks up.

McKAY: Oh. I'm freezing! Why am I so cold? Oh, no! (He puts his hand to his head wound.) I haven't lost that much blood, have I? (He thinks for a moment, then lowers his hand with an irritated look on his face.) Course, it-it could have something to do with the billion or so gallons of freezing water you're surrounded by, you idiot! Alright -- (he puts the tablet down) I need to heat this thing, (he removes the back of one of the bench seats, revealing another panel) and I don't want it cost me a lot of power. (Louder, to the Jumper) Can we at least do that, please?

(He disconnects one end of a cable from a panel above his head and squats down to attach it to the panel behind the bench. He clenches his fist momentarily to try and warm it, then picks up the tablet again and types on it. The temperature indicator on the screen starts to rise.)

McKAY: Ah, there y'go! See? (He looks up at the Jumper.) I'm not greedy. I just don't wanna freeze to death. (He looks at the screen again -- it says, "REMAINING POWER AT LEVEL OF USE: 2:20".) Oh, come on! (He glares up at the Jumper again.) A little heat's gonna cost me forty minutes?!

(He stands up.)

McKAY: Is that really how you want this to go down, huh? You wanna freeze me to death?! You sure you wouldn't rather I imploded with you, you, you, you lemon?! (He glares down at the tablet, now talking to it instead of the Jumper.) Do you even have an opinion anyways, you, you ... no. Why? Because you are an inanimate object, huh? (He looks up at the Jumper again.) Does that stop me from talking to you? Oh, no-no-no-no-no, my inanimate friend, because I have been struck upon the head, you see?! (He points at his head wound to prove it.) There. So ...

(He looks at the tablet and works on it for a moment. The screen changes to read, "REMAINING POWER AT LEVEL OF USE: 2:35", then goes up to "2.36", then "2.37". It pauses for a moment, then changes to "2.38", then "2.39".)

McKAY: Twenty minutes of power for just enough heat to stave off hypothermia.

(He looks up at the Jumper.)

McKAY: You drive a hard bargain, my friend, but, uh, you've got a deal. (He breathes heavily as he works on the tablet some more, then smiles down at it.) I just made a deal with you! (He giggles.) A deal! (He giggles again, starting to get a little hysterical.) Let's Make A Deal! You've got a deal! (He giggles, then almost starts to cry before looking puzzled.) That's not funny. (He stares, worried.) What's wrong with me? It's, uh, uh, euphoria, elation, over-confidence, it's, uh ... (He realises what the problem is.) Hypoxia!

(Quickly he puts the tablet down and kneels down to the panel behind the bench.)

McKAY: I've gotta dial up the CO2 scrubbers or I'm gonna die of hypoxia. (He giggles hysterically, starts to work on the panel, then stops, giggling uncontrollably.) That is so funny! (He continues giggling but manages to get back to work on the panel.)

ATLANTIS. JUMPER BAY. Someone is doing some welding at the side of the bay as Elizabeth walks in, picking her way past the spray of sparks.

SHEPPARD (offscreen): Take it over here; move it over here.

(Elizabeth walks to the rear of the Jumper and calls in to John who is standing near the cockpit supervising someone.)

WEIR: What's all this?

SHEPPARD: Ah, this is my plan!

WEIR: Yeah, I figured that much! (She looks around at the hive of activity around the Bay. John comes to the rear of the Jumper to join her.) You care to elaborate?

SHEPPARD: Well, Doctors Moore and McNab are here to study the ocean on M8R-1229, which happens to be under a thick sheet of ice, so they brought a thousand-foot cable and a pretty powerful winch to lower their instruments.


SHEPPARD (gesturing to a nearby scientist): And Edgar over here is responsible for the magnetic grapple designed to lower the F-302s into our Jumper Bay.

WEIR: And you intend to put the two together.

SHEPPARD: Like chocolate and peanut butter.

WEIR: Is the mechanism gonna be strong enough to lift a half-flooded Jumper out of the water?

SHEPPARD: Not a chance.

WEIR: Well, then why are you ...?

SHEPPARD: Because we don't have to. We just have to get near enough to the surface so we can get McKay and Griffin out with a cutting team and rescue divers.

WEIR: Good. How long?

SHEPPARD: Couple of hours.

(Elizabeth smiles at him.)

WEIR: You and Rodney have been bugging me for a chance at trying a Jumper as a submersible, but you sure went a hell of a long way to make me say yes!

SHEPPARD: Well, you still haven't said it yet.

(Elizabeth smiles again.)

WEIR: I just did.

SHEPPARD: OK! (He bounces like an over-excited little boy, then runs towards the Jumper again before turning back to Elizabeth.) Oh, uh, how close is Zelenka to finding them?

WEIR: I'm gonna go ask him. (She heads out of the Bay as John runs back into the Jumper.)

JUMPER 6. Still sinking. Rodney, calmer now, sits down on the floor and picks up the computer tablet, breathing deeply. He activates the tablet and looks at it.

McKAY: CO2 scrubbers operating at ... one hundred percent. Well, at least something is. (He takes another deep breath.) Now, let's see if I can, uh ... (He starts to type, then snatches his fingers back, irritated.) Oh, why do they have to make these things so small? (He looks up at the Jumper.) Look, I need to be the one on the surface saving the poor bastard stuck down here, not actually be the poor bastard stuck down here! By the time Zelenka comes up with a plan, I'll have died of old age!

(He looks down at the tablet, then stares up in shock as a peculiar sound begins. It's a strange, echoing combination of a groan and a wail but obviously isn't coming from the Jumper itself.)

McKAY: Hello? (The echoing groan/wail continues. It seems to be coming from outside the Jumper. Rodney gets to his feet, looking nervous as he realises that the sound is coming from some kind of creature swimming around outside.) Are you angry, or are you hungry? 'Cause I am pretty sure that this thing is an instant case of indigestion, you know? (The creature outside wails again. Its noises sound similar to whale song. Rodney stares as it dawns on him what's happening.) It's the transmitter! It must be broadcasting at a, at a frequency you can hear!

(He smiles as the creature groans again. His smile soon drops when the Jumper shakes as if struck by something. He grabs onto the side panels to keep his balance.)

McKAY: Poor little fella. Poor little fella. I'm, uh, I'm sorry if I'm buggin' you but, uh, but I kinda need to leave this thing on for a bit, you know? Maybe you could, uh, tell my friends where I am, you could, uh, could you do that, huh? Could you go for help, huh? Could you do that? (The Jumper creaks, but the creature's groaning stops. Rodney realises what he has just been saying.) What am I doing?! (He answers himself.) Well, I'm, uh, treating an alien whale like Lassie! (The creature groans again. Rodney shouts at it angrily.) Look, OK, if you're not gonna help, then just swim on by!

(The creature falls silent. Rodney has a lightbulb moment.)

McKAY: Swim. Maybe the Jumper can swim! (He walks to the front of the compartment and puts his hands against the bulkhead doors.) OK. Cockpit is inaccessible. But most of the control conduits run back here, (he turns and points at the ceiling) so if you were really meant to be submersible, (he picks up the computer tablet, then pulls the cable out of the panel behind the bench) then your drive pods should function underwater too, hmm? (He attaches the ends of the cable to crystals in a panel above his head.) Which means I can fly you from back here -- well, not fly, but I can surface. And even if I get close to the surface, then the emergency transmitter won't have to penetrate so much ocean. (He works on the tablet.) OK! Now we're gettin' somewhere! (He smiles as he continues working.)

ATLANTIS. LABORATORY. Elizabeth walks over to where Radek and the other scientists are working.

WEIR: How're we doing?

ZELENKA: Well, we're making progress. Slowly.

WEIR: Show me.

(Radek takes her over to the screen showing the map of the ocean.)

ZELENKA: We started with the likely location of the Jumper based on the numbers we got while triangulating its position during its brief radio contact with us. We then estimate how far off course it has been taken -- if at all -- by the various currents, slipstreams, underwater rivers that the Jumper may -- or may not -- have run into. (He changes the image of the screen to show the depth of the ocean.) We then add its descent speed at various rates.

WEIR: That's all you've got? You haven't narrowed the search area at all.

ZELENKA: No. No, in fact we've increased it slightly.

WEIR: And how does that count as progress?

ZELENKA: Because we're no longer guessing. We now know definitely that the Jumper is somewhere in this area.

(Elizabeth shrugs.)


ZELENKA: Elizabeth, even if we do find them, there's no way ...

WEIR (interrupting): Sheppard's working on a grapple system that should be able to raise the Jumper.

ZELENKA: Really?

WEIR: Really. It's gonna be ready in a couple of hours. I need you to be.

JUMPER 6. Rodney is standing up and looking at the control panel above his head, then looks down to type on the keypad at the bottom of the computer tablet.

McKAY: Oh, this little keyboard is killing me! (He turns to the panel on the other side of the compartment and squints up at the crystals.) All starting to blur together. I need a new set of eyes.

FEMALE VOICE (from behind Rodney): Let me take a look.

(Rodney stops what he's doing and stares ahead of him. He gulps nervously.)

McKAY: Did I just, uh ....?

FEMALE VOICE: Yes, you did.

(Slowly Rodney turns around. Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter is standing behind him. She is wearing dark blue jeans and a pink top with a two-toned pink jacket over the top. The top has a very low neckline and the jacket is only zipped up a little way, so she's showing a lot of cleavage. She has her fingers in the front pockets of her jeans and is smiling at Rodney. Rodney stares.)

McKAY: Sam?!

(Sam smiles.)

CARTER: Don't worry, Rodney. We're gonna get you outta here.

(Rodney stares at her in disbelief.)

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. As Sam continues to smile at him, Rodney walks closer to her.

McKAY: How did you ...? How-how are you ...?

CARTER: It's good to see you too, McKay.

(Rodney turns away from her.)

McKAY: Oh, I have lost it. I have completely lost it.

CARTER: No you haven't.

(Rodney sits down, puts the tablet down beside him, points at Sam without looking at her and closes his eyes.)

McKAY: You're not real. You are not real. You are not real. (He puts his hands over his eyes.)

CARTER: Of course I'm not real.

(Rodney lowers his hands and looks up at her.)

McKAY: I'm sorry?

CARTER: I'm three million light years away with problems of my own. (She walks over and sits down opposite him.)

McKAY: Yeah, well, so what are you doin' here?

CARTER: You're hallucinating.

McKAY: Oh, and how am I doing that, hmm?

(Sam points at her right temple to indicate Rodney's head wound. Rodney touches his own wound.)

McKAY: Oh, right. Is it that bad?

(Sam shrugs.)

CARTER: The way I see it, you're scared. You're a little panicked, you're a lot lonely. You knew you could use some help, so your subconscious is manifesting the one person you know is smarter than you.

McKAY: Oh, I don't think so! (He stands up.)

CARTER: Oh, don't start with me, McKay!

McKAY: You are very clever -- I will even give you brilliant; but there is brilliant, and then there's me. (He points to himself with both hands.)

CARTER: Every time we've worked together, you've been wrong, and I've been right.

McKAY (laughing indignantly): Even if that were true -- and no-one is saying that it is -- the fact that you could assert that ...

CARTER (interrupting): Why else would I be here?

McKAY: I don't know! Maybe one last romp before I die.

CARTER (jumping up): One last romp?! Please, we never ...

McKAY (walking over to face her): OK, one first romp, but it's romping that comes to mind, not your brains, blondie. Now, you've gotta admit -- I am a handsome man standing ...

CARTER (interrupting): You're essentially arguing with yourself. You realise that, right? Your mind is creating me.

(Rodney looks away, thinking.)


(Rodney backs away from her.)

McKAY: What else am I hallucinating?

CARTER: What do you mean?

McKAY: Well, if you're not real, what is? I mean, how-how-how do I tell the difference? How do I know that any of these readings I've been taking are correct?

CARTER: You're not that far gone.

McKAY: No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. (He smiles.) I, I am unconscious in the Infirmary. I-I'm fine, and this is just a-a-a post-traumatic nightmare, hmm? So come on, (he pinches his arm) wake up, wake up, wake up. (He slaps himself around the face, then cries out in pain and puts his hand to his injured head.) Ooh! Ooh!

CARTER: No, no, no -- see, you really are in the back of a sinking Jumper. Your readings are correct. You knew you could use some help, and you've got a pretty bad concussion, so ...

McKAY (taking his hand away from his head and looking at Sam): So -- here you are.

(Sam smiles.)

CARTER: Here I am.

McKAY: I suppose that's comforting ... (he walks closer to her) ... in a ... terrifying mental health kind of way.

(He gazes at her, still not sure what to believe. Sam meets his gaze for a moment, then looks away.)

CARTER: Why don't you show me what you've done so far?

McKAY: Huh, right. (He turns and reaches for the computer tablet.)

ATLANTIS. Elizabeth's office. John looks at the screen showing the search area, then turns around.

SHEPPARD: Three miles -- a very searchable area -- and you've narrowed it down, Radek. You did a good job.

ZELENKA: He's too deep. Your grapple's only got a thousand feet of cable.

SHEPPARD: Well, we know the Jumper should be able to dive at least a thousand, so if he's above two thousand, we should still be able to get him with the grapple.

WEIR: And if he is deeper?

ZELENKA: He probably is. The area we're searching goes to six thousand.

SHEPPARD: When the Wraith attacked the city, you were able to turn the shield into a cloak.


SHEPPARD: Why can't we do the opposite?

WEIR: Turn the Jumper's cloak into a shield.

SHEPPARD: That's right.

ZELENKA: That would hold back the water, yes, but it would take significantly more power.

SHEPPARD: We shut down everything we don't need.

ZELENKA: But it would take hours to reconfigure.

SHEPPARD: Take what we need, we'll make the changes down there.

(Radek stares as he realises what John is saying.)

ZELENKA: Oh! No-no-no-no-no-no -- I cannot possibly ... uh, no.

WEIR: Radek.

ZELENKA: I-I ... I can't even swim!

SHEPPARD: There's not a lot of swimming under a thousand feet of ocean.

WEIR (to Radek): Look, I'm not gonna order you to go.


(Elizabeth shoots him a look to shut him up, then turns back to Radek.)

WEIR: All I'm saying is that if Rodney can't turn to you, who can he turn to?

(She and John look at Radek while he thinks about it for several seconds. Finally ...)

ZELENKA: Right. Give me a few minutes and I'll get my gear.

JUMPER 6. Rodney and Sam are squatting side by side in a corner of the compartment while Rodney works on the tablet and Sam watches what he's doing. The Jumper creaks ominously. Both of them look up nervously, then look back at the tablet.

McKAY: Now -- given I have a limited amount of time to execute my plan before power levels drop too low, but provided that the, uh, uh, (he is having difficulty concentrating, though it's not clear whether it's because of Sam's presence or because his concussion is getting worse) uh, coding is correct, we surface and at that point they should be able to pick up our regular radio signal and then come pick me up.

CARTER: How much power would that kill?

McKAY: Uh, I dunno -- most of it?

CARTER: It's a bad idea, then.

McKAY: Well, why?

CARTER: Well, what if it doesn't work?

McKAY: Well, then ... then I'm dead!

CARTER: Exactly. Bad plan. (She stands up.)

McKAY (sarcastically, as he also stands): Oh, you're right. I should proceed with one of the other hundreds of possible options available to me.

CARTER: Look, I'm not saying that I have a better idea ...

McKAY: Well, what do you want me to do? Nothing?


McKAY: Oh, brilliant!

CARTER: Stay warm, stay breathing, stay alive as long as you can -- give your team the biggest window of opportunity possible.

McKAY: Window of opportunity for what?

CARTER: For rescuing you.

McKAY: Even if they could find me -- which, given underwater currents and multiple possible entry sites is next to impossible -- how are they gonna get me out of here, huh?

CARTER: They'll find a way.

McKAY: No they won't! You and I both know the one person who can figure it all out is stuck in the back of a sinking Jumper!


McKAY: Oh, touché!

CARTER: Look, I hear what you're saying and I'm telling you -- you're wrong. You have some very smart, very motivated people on the surface, and the only thing any of them are working on right now is rescuing you.

McKAY: Oh, come on! They are planning my memorial service.

CARTER: If your plan fails -- and it probably will -- you could jeopardise their plans.

(Rodney walks closer, glaring at her.)

McKAY: You gonna help me, or not?

CARTER: I'll help you stay alive as long as possible, but no -- I'm not helping you with this plan.

McKAY: So my own hallucination is saying no to me?!

CARTER: You must realise subconsciously that you need to be talked out of this.

McKAY: I can't even hallucinate right today!

RESCUE JUMPER. John and Radek are flying over the ocean.

SHEPPARD: Alright -- we're above the search coordinates.

(Radek comes forward and sits in the co-pilot's seat.)

ZELENKA: OK -- it should transition seamlessly.

SHEPPARD: Alright, then. (He looks at Radek.) Here goes nothin'.

(Radek clings on to the console nervously as John sends the Jumper down towards the ocean. It settles on top of the water and then sinks.)

JUMPER 6. Rodney is kneeling on the floor with the computer tablet resting on the bench seat as he types onto it. Sam stands behind him, bending over and looking at what he's doing. She blows air through her teeth.

CARTER: Oooh ... I, uh, I wouldn't.

(Rodney looks up at her.)

McKAY: You wouldn't what?

(Sam turns away.)

CARTER: I forgot -- I'm not helping.

McKAY: No-no-no -- do you see something? (He stands and picks up the tablet.) Did I make a mistake? (Sam winces as he takes the tablet over to her.) Seriously -- if you, if you, if you saw something, just, just, tell me.

(Sam doesn't reply. Rodney stares at her in shock.)

McKAY: You're messing with me!

(Sam looks innocent.)

CARTER: Sorry?

McKAY: You're trying to slow me down!

(Sam frowns.)

CARTER: I don't know what you're talking about.

McKAY: Don't play mind games with me.

CARTER: I am a mind game.

McKAY: OK -- you're not gonna help me, just stay on your side of the Jumper.

(He turns to walk away just as the Jumper jolts violently. Rodney is thrown to the floor but Sam remains standing, unaffected by the jolt. From an external viewpoint, we see that the Jumper has finally reached the ocean floor. Inside, Rodney gets to his feet, shouting furiously at the Jumper.)

McKAY: What now, huh?! (He calms down as he realises what must have happened.)

CARTER: Feels like we hit the bottom.

McKAY: Oh, really? Well, this is good! Well, the chances of us imploding are much slimmer!

CARTER: But, Rodney ...

McKAY: No-no-no-no-no-no, no buts, OK?! Can I not at least take a moment to enjoy the one bit of good luck I've had all day, huh?

CARTER: This isn't good.

McKAY: Look, just, just ... just shut up! I mean, you come in here, you don't help me, you say the one plan I've got is bad, you-you claim to be a creation of my mind and yet you are in no way dressed provocatively ...

(He pauses as he stares at her cleavage. Sam looks down at it too, then looks up at him, shrugs and turns to the bulkhead doors.)


(She looks down. Rodney follows her gaze. There is water on the floor by the doors.)

McKAY: Well, it's always been there.

CARTER: No, it hasn't. The impact with the ocean floor must have created a micro-fissure in the hull.

(Rodney backs away.)

McKAY: We're taking on water!

RESCUE JUMPER. As the Jumper heads downwards through the ocean, John tries the radio.

SHEPPARD: Atlantis, this is Sheppard, come in.

(Elizabeth's voice comes over the radio but it's very distorted.)

WEIR: We can barely hear you, John.

SHEPPARD: We're gonna lose you altogether when we get deeper, so now's a good time to wish us luck.

WEIR: Good luck, then.

SHEPPARD: We'll contact you as soon as we head back to the surface. Have the divers on Jumper Eight standing by.

WEIR: Will do. Weir out.

(In the Control Room, she nods to the Canadian technician, who starts making preparations for the retrieval mission.)

(In the Jumper, John glances round at Radek, who is working on a console at the rear of the front compartment.)

SHEPPARD: What d'you think, Radek?

(Radek turns to look at him.)

ZELENKA: About what?

SHEPPARD: We're underwater! I've always wanted to try this.

ZELENKA (nervously): Yes, yes, yes -- just ... make sure we're not under too much water!

SHEPPARD: I've levelled out and holding steady at, uh, nine hundred and ninety feet. How's it coming?

ZELENKA: All I'm getting is sporadic lifesign readings.

SHEPPARD: As in ... sea monster lifesigns?

(The Jumper groans under the pressure of the ocean outside. Radek jumps and looks around nervously.)

SHEPPARD: I'm gonna need those shields up and running.

ZELENKA: Yes, well then -- stop talking, please.

SHEPPARD: Will do!

JUMPER 6. Rodney is underwater, working on something at floor level by the bulkhead doors. He finishes what he is doing and surfaces, standing up and gasping for breath while he wipes the water from his eyes. The water level is just below his knees. He walks over to where Sam is standing at the rear of the ship and looking fed up. He is shivering with the cold.

McKAY: It's funny -- I was just actually ... I was just, you know, thinking what would complete this experience would be freezing cold sea water in the compartment, lots of it, and because now the whole imploding thing is kind of off the table, drowning should really be brought back into the equation.

CARTER: You can fix this.

McKAY: There are micro-fractures all along the seam.

CARTER: You still have fully functioning life support, right? (She strolls through the water, unaffected by the cold.)

McKAY: Yes.

CARTER: Then create a positive pressure environment.

McKAY: What? (He shivers, finding it difficult to concentrate.)

CARTER: If you can increase the pressure inside the Jumper, you should be able to slow the leaking.

McKAY: Well, we'll never be able to stop it.

CARTER: I'm not saying that we could -- we're just trying to buy time here.

McKAY: In order to make death as long and as drawn-out as possible, huh?!

CARTER: Just max it out, McKay.

McKAY (a little reluctantly): Alright. (He retrieves the computer tablet, which is lying on top of water on the bench seat. He sits down despite the fact that he's sitting in water and tries to operate the tablet with his wet cold hands.)

CARTER: We should probably find a way to heat this water, too.

(Rodney looks up at her.)

McKAY: We make a good team, you and I.

(Sam looks down at him.)

CARTER: Sure(!)

McKAY: No, no, I mean it. I really enjoy working with you. Always have. I wonder ... I wonder why we never hooked up.

CARTER: What, aside from the fact that you're petty, arrogant and treat people badly?

McKAY: ... Yes.

CARTER: Nope, that's pretty much it -- petty, arrogant, bad with people.

McKAY: Oh ... but ... (he stands and smiles hopefully at her) ... you do find me attractive, I mean physically.

(Sam narrows her eyes at him, then smiles and points to the computer tablet.)

CARTER: Let's stick to working on my idea.

McKAY: No, this is my idea.

CARTER: How do you figure?

McKAY: Well, you don't exist. You think what my subconscious tells you to think! So, really the idea was mine. (Something dawns on him and he looks away from her, shocked.) Oh, wow! I'm arguing with myself about who had an idea first -- me or me. I really am petty, aren't I?

CARTER: And arrogant, and bad with people, yes.

McKAY: Oh. Well, here we go.

(He types onto the tablet. Air whooshes into the compartment. Rodney holds his nose and blows down it to equalise the pressure in his ears. When the pressure eases off, he lets go, looks at the tablet and smiles.)

McKAY: Inbound leakage has been slowed! Well done, Sam!

CARTER: Thanks! You too!

(Rodney puts the tablet down and holds out his arms to her.)

McKAY: Come here!

(He walks over and hugs her. Sam grimaces briefly, then pats him nervously on the back.)


(Rodney pulls back but holds her at arm's length for a moment, then leans towards her to kiss her. Sam quickly turns her head so that the kiss lands on her cheek.)

CARTER (grimacing): Oh! (Rodney keeps his lips pressed to her cheek.) You do realise what you're actually doing here, right?

(Rodney backs off.)

McKAY: Ah, c'mon! (Sam cringes.) You're a figment of my imagination! The least you could do is take your tops off! (He folds his arms sulkily.)

CARTER: Your subconscious mind knows that I would never be into that.

(Rodney grimaces.)

McKAY: You're the worst hallucination ever!

CARTER: Oh, you don't mean that!

McKAY (picking up the computer tablet): Yes, yes, I do. Now please just leave me alone while I work on getting myself out of this. (He turns to a panel above his head.)

CARTER (looking at the tablet): You're not gonna still try and control the Jumper from that little thing, are you?

McKAY: Yes, yes, I am! And I have to do it quickly before power levels drop below fifty percent. So, (he looks at his watch) that leaves me about ten minutes. If you're not gonna help, then please stand back and keep quiet.

CARTER: See, this is why I could never have a relationship with you, Rodney. You don't listen to people -- you don't trust them.

McKAY: I have every reason not to. (He starts to get angry.) Look, this whole thing is Zelenka's fault. He was the one responsible for supervising the Jumper repairs. He was the one who said she was ready to fly. He's the one who came to me, embarrassed because he was afraid to fly at the best of times, and suggested a test flight. God, I should have just told him to suck it up but no, no -- I said, "Sure, I'll take her out." And now, and now he's all safe and warm and cosy on the surface while I'm stuck down here paying for his mistakes! You'll excuse me if my trust in my fellow scientists is at an all-time low. You want something done right, do it yourself. (He looks up at the panel, groans at the pain that the movement causes to his injured head, then continues working.)

RESCUE JUMPER. Radek runs forward to the co-pilot's seat and sits down.

ZELENKA: I think we may be on to something. (He activates some controls.) Initialising shield.

(The shield shimmers around the Jumper.)

SHEPPARD: Nice work, Doc! OK, let's take this thing a little deeper.

(He starts to activate his controls but Radek stops him.)

ZELENKA: Wait. Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait. (He stands up and runs to his laptop further back in the ship.) I was afraid of this. The shield is draining our power at an alarmingly fast rate.

SHEPPARD: Why's that?

ZELENKA: Well, a cloak draws its power at a constant rate, whereas a shield draws more power the more it is taxed.

SHEPPARD: So, being under several atmospheres of pressure ...

ZELENKA: Yes. It's continuously draining power from our shield.

SHEPPARD: How much time do we have?

ZELENKA: Once we're deeper, thirty minutes, tops.

SHEPPARD: Alright. Descending through one thousand.

JUMPER 6. The water is now up to Rodney's thighs. He blows on his fingers to try to warm them, then works on a control panel. Sam swims casually across to him.

CARTER: Why don't you turn up the heat?

McKAY: I did. It's the sea water. Got barely enough power as it is. Besides, I'm almost done here ... what are you doing?

(Sam has stood up beside him and slipped her hand under his arm to rest it on his chest.)

CARTER: For warmth.

(As Rodney turns towards her, she slides her hand across his chest.)

McKAY: You're-you're not physically here. You can't transfer any heat.

(Sam smiles.)

CARTER: Doesn't mean I can't get you hot.

(She sinks down into the water and sculls herself backwards as Rodney stares at her.)

McKAY: Excuse me?!

(Sam sinks all the way down into the water for a moment then rises up out of it, wearing only a blue bikini top. [Presumably she's also wearing bikini bottoms, but we can't see her lower half under the water and ... ahem, best not go there.] She slicks her wet hair back provocatively, walks towards Rodney, puts her arms around his waist and kisses him.)

CARTER: Y'know, I was thinking about what you said. I think you were right.

McKAY: Uh, I am? Right about what?

CARTER: Well, I am your fantasy. It's only fair you should get some.

(She kisses him again. Rodney moans appreciatively.)

McKAY: Really?


(They kiss again.)

McKAY (triumphantly): I knew it! I knew you were hot!

(He wraps his arms around her and they kiss passionately for a few seconds, then Rodney's eyes open and he pulls back.)

McKAY: Wait a second.

CARTER: Don't ruin the moment.

McKAY: No. I know what you're trying to do. (He starts to back away from her.)

CARTER: Well, I should hope so!

McKAY: You're trying to slow me down again.

CARTER: Actually, I'm trying to do the opposite. (She moves towards him as Rodney continues to back away.)

McKAY: No. No. You're distracting me. You know I've only got a couple of minutes to execute my plan and you're doing the one thing you know that could possibly slow me down.

CARTER: You're thinking too much. C'me here.

(She leans towards him to kiss him again.)

McKAY: No. No, I'm not gonna fall for your plan, Lieutenant Colonel Siren! (He pushes her away, looks at her for a moment, groans in frustration and then turns back to the computer tablet which he had attached to a control panel above his head. He pulls the tablet free.) OK, this programme is gonna work, and I am gonna execute it.

(Sam comes back into view. She's wearing her pink tops again.)

CARTER: Don't do it, Rodney. It's not gonna work.

McKAY: Oh, yeah.

CARTER: Look, you're cold, you're desperate, you banged your head, you're prime to make a mistake.

McKAY (not looking at her as he continues to work): I should have ignored you from the beginning. You've done nothing but slow me down.

CARTER: They're coming for you. They're gonna get you out of here.

(Rodney starts singing to himself.)

McKAY: La-la-la-la-la-la-la!

CARTER: Please, give them a chance!

McKAY: Not listening!

CARTER: Don't!

McKAY: I'm there! It's ready! (He smiles and turns to Sam.) No time to argue.

CARTER: It's a mistake.

McKAY: I trust you'll be gone by the time I, uh, (he points upwards) reach the surface, huh?

(He presses a button on the tablet. The lights come on in the compartment and the engines can be heard powering up. Rodney laughs delightedly. Outside, we see the engine pods flicker and glow as they come to life. The Jumper lifts fractionally off the ocean floor. Inside, the lights flicker and the engine pods groan as they power down again. The lights go out. Sam raises a finger and opens her mouth but Rodney raises his own finger.)

McKAY: Don't ... speak right now. I-I really don't need "I told you so," so ... (He trails off.)

CARTER: How much power did you waste?

(Rodney looks at the tablet.)

McKAY: Twenty minutes.

CARTER: OK. That's not so bad.

McKAY: No. No. We've got half an hour 'til we're completely out of power. Half an hour 'til I'm dead.

RESCUE JUMPER. As the Jumper continues to descend, Radek starts cursing as he looks at his laptop.

ZELENKA (in Czech): [A very rude word not repeatable in polite company], it's screwed up this. Whose idea was this, we'll be under water, this time?

SHEPPARD: I think my Czech's getting better, 'cause I know what you mean.

ZELENKA: Could be the shields, could be the depth -- I'm having trouble detecting the Jumper. Only ... (He trails off.)

SHEPPARD: Only what?

ZELENKA: Could you bring up the H.U.D. please?

(John brings up the heads-up display on the windshield and stares at the sight of a blip moving around on it.)

SHEPPARD: What's that?

ZELENKA: Your sea monster. It's at least six to eight times as large as this Jumper, so let's not venture too closely, OK?

SHEPPARD: How're the shields doing?

(Radek checks his laptop.)

ZELENKA: Twelve minutes.

SHEPPARD: Alright. Let's check it out.

(Radek stares at him plaintively.)


SHEPPARD: Because it's still swimming around in circles in the same area, which means it might have found something interesting.

JUMPER 6. Rodney is up to his neck in water. He's freezing cold and barely conscious. Outside, the sea monster groans.

McKAY: What? What do you want from me? Just, just, just, go away. (Sam moves closer to him, looking up nervously.) I think he's ... I think he's just waiting to eat me. (The creature groans again.) I treated him pretty bad.

CARTER: The whale?

McKAY: No, Griffin. I changed the subject. You of all people should be able to keep up.

CARTER: Sorry.

McKAY: He knew we were both gonna die, and he didn't want anything, so ... he ... I don't think I can think of a person ... He was dead ... I don't know ... I just ... couldn't ... He was a brave man ... and I ... It just doesn't seem right, you know?

(Sam nods.)

McKAY: Been a bad day.

CARTER: You're gonna get out of this.

McKAY: I don't think I would even believe that if you were naked. (He closes his eyes for a moment, then cracks one eye open and squints at Sam hopefully. She looks back at him, then smiles and turns her head away. Rodney closes his eyes again.) Oh well. (He shivers and starts to sink into the water as he begins to lose consciousness.)

CARTER: Stick with me, Rodney. (Rodney jerks awake.) You've gotta stay alert.

McKAY: My plan was stupid. What was I thinking?

CARTER: Twenty: twenty hindsight.

McKAY: You were right. Shoulda listened to you.

(There's a strange bubbling sound from outside the Jumper, but Rodney doesn't notice it.)

McKAY: Always admired you, Sam. No, no, I'm not just trying to ...

CARTER: I know.

McKAY: I honestly don't think you're smarter than I am. (Sam frowns.) On your best day, we're, like, maybe a tie?

CARTER: There is a compliment coming, right?

McKAY: Yes. My intelligence aside, you're wiser. I guess at the end of the day that's, that's why you're down here. You were right.

CARTER: Well, you were right, at least subconsciously.

McKAY: Huh. I guess that's something.

RESCUE JUMPER. Radek leaps from his seat and runs to the front of the ship.

ZELENKA: Jumper. I have the Jumper. The animal's circling around it.

(John activates the comms.)

SHEPPARD: Jumper Six, this is Sheppard, come in.

ZELENKA: According to these readings, it's dead. There's no power.

SHEPPARD: Alright, let's get a grapple on this thing and go home.

(Radek looks at the console.)

ZELENKA: No, it won't work.

SHEPPARD: Why's that?

ZELENKA: It's taken on too much water. Sensors indicate even the rear compartment is partially full. The cable can't take the strain.

SHEPPARD: But we can try.

ZELENKA: No, listen to me. No. It's a matter of simple physics.

SHEPPARD: I'm not coming this far without doing something!

(Radek thinks for a moment, then is struck by inspiration.)

ZELENKA: The shield. We can extend the shield between the two Jumpers. (He jumps up and runs back to his laptop.)

SHEPPARD: Do we have enough power?

ZELENKA: Yes. If-if we touch down on the ocean floor to conserve engine power, it should be just a matter of walking between the two Jumpers.

SHEPPARD: Alright. I'll get us close.

(The rescue Jumper touches down with its rear facing the rear of Jumper 6 and the shield begins to extend outwards.)

(Inside Jumper 6, Rodney pulls himself up in the water.)

McKAY: What the hell was that?

(Sam smiles.)


SHEPPARD (over radio): McKay. Griffin. D'you copy?

(Rodney activates his headset.)

McKAY: Sheppard!

SHEPPARD (over radio): Hey, buddy! What say you lower your door?

McKAY: That's-that's probably a bad idea.

SHEPPARD (over radio): Listen. Long story short, we've converted the cloak into a shield and extended it around your Jumper. I'm standing outside right now. (To prove it, he bangs on the door.)

McKAY: What?!

SHEPPARD (over radio): All you have to do is open your door and walk to my Jumper.

(Sam smiles.)

CARTER: I told you they'd come up with something.

(Rodney makes his way through the water to the release mechanism for the rear door. He reaches up, his hands shaking with the cold, and pulls down the hatch over the mechanism, but instead of pulling the handle he hesitates and turns to Sam.)


McKAY: What if it's not Sheppard?

CARTER: What do you mean?

McKAY: What if it's another one of my hallucinations? What if it's, it's the pessimist in me just wants it all over with?

CARTER: You heard the shield come on.

McKAY: Yeah, but I hear you!

SHEPPARD (over radio): McKay? What's the hold-up? We need to do this sooner rather than later. This shield ain't gonna hold forever.

CARTER: You're minutes away from hypothermia.

McKAY: I can't tell what's real and what's not!

CARTER: Rodney -- they're here. They did it. Let them help you.

(Rodney stares at her for a moment, then nods.)

McKAY: OK. (He turns to the release mechanism, then speaks to John.) Better stand back -- we've taken on a lot of water. (His hands shaking, he reaches up and pulls down the release mechanism. Sam looks around to the door, but it doesn't open. Rodney stares in horror.) No!

CARTER (turning to look at Rodney again): Secondary release.

(Rodney looks at her for a moment, then takes a deep breath and dives down into the water. Sam takes a deep breath and follows him down. Rodney swims across to a panel under one of the benches, tugs the cover off and pulls a handle inside. The rear door can be heard opening and the water starts to flood out. As the last of it pours out of the door, Rodney lies on the floor gasping for breath and coughing. Radek and John run inside. There is, of course, no sign of Sam Carter.)

ZELENKA: Rodney, are you alright?

McKAY: I will be.

(John and Radek crouch down to him.)

SHEPPARD: Where's Griffin?

McKAY (pointing towards the front compartment): He was in there.

(The other two stare at the closed bulkhead doors in shock for a moment.)

SHEPPARD: Alright, let's get you home. (He and Radek start to pull Rodney to his feet, each wrapping one of his arms around their shoulders.)

McKAY: No, I need to decompress. Carter told me to increase the pressure.

ZELENKA: Carter?

McKAY: I mean I did, I did. I told myself. (He grimaces in pain as the other two start to drag him out of the Jumper.) Oh, my head!

(As the three of them leave the Jumper, the sea monster wails. They look up and see the creature -- an enormous beast similar to a humpback whale but much larger -- swimming over the top of the shield.)

McKAY: Oh -- see, pal. Sorry you don't get to eat me today.

SHEPPARD: He's the reason we found you.

McKAY: Really?

(They enter the rescue Jumper and help Rodney to sit down on the bench.)

SHEPPARD: Almost thought we lost you.

McKAY: I knew you'd think of something … subconsciously, at least.

(John and Radek leave him sitting there and run to the front of the Jumper. Rodney stands up, walks to the rear of the Jumper and looks out of the doorway. Sam is standing in the doorway of Jumper 6. She smiles and raises her hand to him in farewell. Rodney gazes at her until the door of the rescue Jumper closes.)