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I have no current plans to watch SGU, but I tuned into the podcast because I love listening to you guys!
It was so long ago, I honestly don’t remember any of the SG1 first season eps so can’t comment.(mainly a SGA fan)
I am also again reminded that we share very few tastes in TV shows, I thought BSG and Lost were terrific in their first few seasons but both “lost” my interest, I stopped watching long ago.


Now I’m moar interested why they still keeps rest of the cast under cotton. Still no promo photos & stuff.

Soon I’ll be on fire in anticipation. LOL


I agree, reveal the cast already people, the waiting thing is old.


That is a HARD question! There were tons of great episodes in season 1. Children of the Gods is one of my favorites since it introdues us to the new crew and gives Sam one of the best lines ever (just because my reproductive organs are on the inside…). Then we had Cold Lazarus, Thor’s Hammer ,Cor-AI, Solitudes, and Tin Man, all of which are 5 star episodes in my opinion. But since I have to pick just one, I’ll go with Solitudes. I thought that episode set the tone for Jack and Sam throughout the rest of the show,… Read more »


Listener Question

There But For the Grace of God would be my favorite episode of season 1 hands down. great combination of acting and storying telling and the main plot device was just what seemed like a harmless mirror.

seeing a alternate reality episode so early in the series surprised me not many tv series do that and Michael shanks really sold the idea of feeling out of place and of course the amazing ending when the team finds Daniel with the staff blast and his desperate plea to jack “there coming” …….

Pharaoh Atem :)


Many moons ago I watched the first episode of Star Trek. Yes, I was a child, totally captivated by what I saw and from then on a lifetime fan of science fiction. Star Trek, Star wars, Stargate SG1. No amount of genius or imagination can replace these giants. The first series to grasp and explore an alien concept, space the final frontier. The first SciFi movie to really grasp what technology could do to make the imagination come to life. And finally SG1 the first show to blend science fiction with humanity, sureality, irreverent humour and the possibility that the… Read more »


There has been talk of making Universe “more intense” ‘like Battlestar Galactica’. BG did well when it had SG1 for a lead in, but SciFi network cancelled SG1 in favor of BG. The story goes that they couldn’t afford both expensive shows and they weren’t earning as much on the SG1 DVD’s due to license issues involving the show’s originator – Showtime. SciFi touted BG as their big lead show. After SG1 was cancelled, it immediately started to falter. It took a hiatus and was re-started with changes, but faltered again. SG1 lasted 10 years, but BG is wrapping up… Read more »