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Shanks returns to SGU in 2010

Saturday - August 15, 2009
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Michael Shanks 7Former Stargate SG-1 co-star Michael Shanks isn’t making just a small cameo appearance in the series premiere of Stargate Universe. He’ll also be back for a guest appearance later in the season.

The news was revealed today by consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi (blog), who mentioned the praise that director Robert C. Cooper had for Shanks and SGU star Robert Carlyle (“Nicholas Rush”).

Cooper is currently directing “Human,” currently slated to be the fourteenth episode of the new series.  The episode will air in early 2010.

Shanks previously told GateWorld that his appearance in the series premiere, “Air,” is brief (story).

“It’s a cameo,” he said about that episode. “It’s a popping in, popping out kind of thing.  They’ve got a lot of cast that they definitely need to facilitate. Certainly the Stargate audience knows my character and Richard [Dean Anderson]’s character and Amanda [Tapping]’s character and the others that show up very well. So they have to spend some time developing their world and fleshing out their characters. So I’m just a face.”

When Daniel Jackson returns to SGU, though, expect it to be a much more significant guest role.

Stargate Universe premieres October 2 on Syfy in the U.S., and soon thereafter on Sky1 in the U.K. and SPACE in Canada.  Learn more about the show and the first season’s line-up of episodes in GateWorld’s own SGU Launch Center!

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • Good for him, I guess. But didn’t TPTB intone again and again, how this show is a standalone series and not another sequel, prequel, -quel of any kind? Ah, they meant standalone with SG-1 stars guest starring during sweeps. Got it.

  • Well, it’s going to be as standalone as a series with “Stargate” in the title can be. A few character crossovers won’t necessarily turn the show into a sequel.

    Plus, who doesn’t love Shanks?

  • Meh, the way I see it this is either AMAZINGLY great news or TERRIBLY bad news.
    If the show is good this will only make it better and it will be great to see Danial again, if he is written in properly that is.
    If the show is bad this could make it worse, showing the fans what they lost, if it’s done badly it could seem like a cheesy cop-out to get more SG1 fans to watch the show.
    I can see it going either way, so all in all my opinion averages out at ‘meh’.

  • I think he is going to the ancient communication divice and just pop in to save the day,with unbeatable wisdom lol haha

  • Is someone going to swap into his body and use it for sex too? Exciting!

  • Good for him, I guess. But didn’t TPTB intone again and again, how this show is a standalone series and not another sequel, prequel, -quel of any kind? Ah, they meant standalone with SG-1 stars guest starring during sweeps. Got it.
    Bringing out this old chestnut again? Actually, what they ‘intoned’ was that the series regulars would be new characters, that it would have a different location, and a different tone. That seems to be entirely true. They also said that it would share the previously established Stargate mythology and history. That means that everyone who was part of the SGC before still is. Everyone who was knowledgable and important still is. We also know there will be contact between the SGC and the ship. It would be very odd if they didn’t bring in established experts to consult with the people on the Destiny. It’s still part of the Stagate ‘verse. If you want something that isn’t, this probably isn’t the show for you.

  • More than likely it may very well be a flashback sequence involving Jackson’s character and Rush. Since Dr. Rush was/is involved in studying the stargate and the misc aspects of the program and ancient writings – this could be a flashback to how Dr. Rush was recruited into the program and the early collaborations between him and Dr. Jackson!
    *Just a thought!

  • I doubt he will be featured because of the Long-range Communication Device. Instead, I believe he will be featured in a different way…

    Oh, there we go. Nobycane saved me from explaining. I just saw the post. That’s exactly what I believe. ;)

  • Thats great! Looking forward to this. :) I miss SG1 and it will be good to see some of my favourite characters again even if they are only brief appearances. Wonder if anyone from Atlantis will ever guest star?

  • ****SPOILER****
    – ok, so apparantly this episode deals w/ a flashback to when Robert Calyle’s character first joined the Stargate program. my speculation is this is where we would see a lot of interaction between Dr.Rush and Dr.Jackson. Could make for some brilliant scenes!

  • Probably be as a Hologram like the ancients had on Atlantis or like the Asgard used..

  • @amconway.. bah what’s the use, I had many choice things to throw your way.. but that would be a waste of time.

    Lemmings we are.. by Showing us the proverbial carrots, even one like O’Neill in his death bed (for added effects), these yahoos expect us forget their contempt for us fans, and worship at the alter of any flaming bag-o-crap that may get branded “Stargate”. But, I insist, I am not bitter.. :)

  • I guess no Stargate show can survive without the beloved SG1 characters. So much for being stranded away from all other human contact. Lets bring in convenient magical devices and anything is now possible, or you can just body swap.

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