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Stargate Universe will be on Hulu

Tuesday - September 15, 2009
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SGU ChevronNew episodes of Stargate Universe will be available on Hulu each week after the show premieres on Friday, October 2, MGM told GateWorld.  Look for “Air” Parts 1 and 2 on Saturday, October 3.

New episodes will be available to U.S. viewers on the popular Internet television site the day after they air on Syfy Channel, Friday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.  Fans will have five weeks to watch and re-watch.

As with many shows airing new episodes, Hulu will have five episodes of Stargate Universe up at a time.  Then when the next new episode arrives, the oldest of the five will drop off.

Episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are also available to watch free on Hulu, though SGU is the first of the Stargate franchise to be available for free online as it airs.

Stargate Universe will also be available to buy commercial-free and in HD at iTunes (story).

In Canada, episodes will be available online at  There is no news yet about online viewing for other countries, though there have been rumors that a U.K. version of Hulu may launch before the year is out.

Learn more about Stargate Universe now at GateWorld’s SGU Launch Center!

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  • correction. you can watch HD other than on Itunes. Hulu has a HD option.

  • Yes, but Hulu’s HD option is only 480p which is dvd quality, while the itunes HD is at least 720p which is true HD quality.

  • who cares. Now we can go to the football games or hang with our girls friday nites!
    Right guys…..:)

  • HD is widely recognised as 720p or better. Anybody using the term ‘HD’ to describe anything less than 720p is conning you.

    Also 480p lines is less than the resolution of regular PAL SD television here in the UK, which is 625 lines (576i). NTSC for the record is 525 lines (480i)

  • correction: 720p is HALF HD. “true” hd is 1080p. seriously, if you don’t know this yet, please go visit the internets and educate yourself.

    I just checked hulu and there’s no indication that they’re going to have sg:u on their site. what’s the source on this information?

  • OMG!! YES!!! I hate when I miss an episode of something and can’t watch it until it comes back on!! And sometimes they don’t replay episodes for a really long time and then you’re stuck sitting there, like huh?? What’s going on??!!! I hate feeling out of the loop like that!!

  • And again the rest of the world is going to download illigal because they can’t see it online. Why are they still thinking why so many people outside america downloading the series.

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