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GateWorld Podcast: Open Line Night!

Wednesday - February 3, 2010
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It’s time for Open Line Night on the GateWorld Podcast! These are the shows where we talk about whatever is on your mind, be it Stargate or other sci-fi television and film. Joining Darren and David for this week’s conversation is our friend Michael Hinman, owner and site coordinator of Airlock Alpha — one of the Internet’s premiere genre news sites!

Up for discussion are things like Avatar, Star Trek Online, Stargate: Resistance, TV broadcast and DVD release strategies, a moon base for Stargate Command, Syfy’s new series Caprica, and more.

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DiscussionOpen Line Night!

This Week’s Listener Question:
How much of a television character do you think comes from the writers, and how much from the actor who plays the character?

Leave us a voicemail on the GateWorld Podcast Hotline any time, day or night, and we’ll play some of your responses in the next podcast! Just dial:

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You can also leave a comment below, or post on the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum.

Next Episode: Misdirected Emotion? Call the podcast hotline by Monday and get your opinion heard on next week’s show!

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  • Thanks for another fun podcast.
    Listener question:
    For the most part,I blame the writers when the core concepts and stories are not good and the actors when the performances are wooden and unbelievable.
    So I guess it depends on what type of problem I have with a show before I assign or proportion blame.
    I do think that a good actor can make poor writing and plot better by how they interpret what is in the script. IMHO, although I was a fan of many of the storylines, I think the actors rose above the material in SG1 and SGA quite a few times.
    I also think a poor actor can ruin a good script. For example, on Dollhouse, I don’t think the main actress was quite up to the concept.
    On the other hand sometimes even a terrific actor cannot save a poorly planned character.
    I adore a certain actress but even she could not make one of the SGA characters believable (to me) because of the way that character was written and behaved.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  • which didn’t even answer your question, did it?
    about 60/40 actor/writer if the actor is good, the other way around if they aren’t.

  • Doesn’t it also, in part, depend on how many writers and directors you have on any one show? If each episode is written by a different writer/team of writers and every episode is directed by a different director. You’ll end up relying on the actor for “emotional continuity”, after all the actor is gonna be there week-in week-out from season to season … where as writers come and go. I’d say in a long running TV show the actor probably has more credit than in a movie. However that only carries so far if a writer decides a character is doing something different from what you might expect e.g. Sleeping with/killing another character there’s no way even there world’s best actor is emoting there way out of that one! So I’d go for an even higher 70/30 with the caveat that writer can trump actor when it comes to character departure from the expect norm.

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