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For Cryin’ Out Loud: The SGU Trailer

Friday - March 12, 2010

For Cryin' Out Loud - Jack ("Window of Opportunity") For Cryin’ Out Loud is GateWorld’s new weekly editor’s column! If you have questions or suggestions about what you’d like us to talk about, e-mail the editors now.

Well now, after a quiet three months … that trailer for SGU Season 1.5 is pretty killer, huh?

There’s an alien invasion, a planet with a giant obelisk, beautiful women, exploding ships, a warning from Colonel Telford … aw heck, let’s just watch it again:

I’ve been pretty confident that the second half of the season will deliver on a lot of what fans are asking for, and the trailer seems to go a long way to support that hypothesis. There certainly won’t be expensive CGI aliens and space battles in every episode, but I think the action and sci-fi adventure quotient is going to be much higher than in the first ten episodes.

Press screeners have gone out with the next couple of episodes, and though I didn’t get one myself I do know someone who has seen “Space” and “Divided.” With no spoilers of any kind, he assures me that both episodes kick all kinds of ass. The slow build-up we’ve been watching is about to pay off.

April 2.

Now I’m going to watch that trailer again!

Have Kurt Russell or James Spader (from the original Stargate feature film) ever commented on any of the various Stargate TV shows? Are they even aware of them? I know that the co-creator of the Stargate movie (Dean Devlin) thinks the the TV shows don’t really follow the concepts/ideas set up in the film (the Stargate only goes to one other planet, for example) but I’m wondering if the stars of the movie have ever commented on what has happened with the franchise since the original film. (Craig)

I’ve never seen anything from James Spader about the television series, but he has talked about the original movie after the fact — and rather harshly, at that. A few years back he told The Globe and Mail: “The script was just awful, and that sort of intrigued me. … Acting, for me, is a passion, but it’s also a job, and I’ve always approached it as such. I have a certain manual-labourist view of acting. There’s no shame in taking a film because you need some f—ing money.

Kurt Russell, on the other hand, seems to remember his Stargate days more fondly.  While in Vancouver shooting the 2001 movie 3,000 Miles to Graceland Russell stopped by the set of Stargate SG-1, where he met Richard Dean Anderson and took a look at the new Stargate.  The press, of course, was there to catch it:

The Two Jacks: Kurt Russell visits the set of SG-1 in 2001.

The Two Jacks: Kurt Russell visits the set of SG-1 in 2001. Photo thanks to Morjana.

Do “The Powers That Be” pay any attention to the comments or suggestions posted here or are the fans largely ignored? Darren? David? Anybody? (Pioneering)

I’ll leave that one for said Powers to reveal themselves, if they so choose. We do know that they visit the site regularly, though I’m not sure how much they read comments. Since the comments have shifted to be so negative (not just critical of SGU, but too often rude and spiteful) in the last several months, I suspect that many of the show’s cast and crew have given up on them. Many have also found Twitter a good place to interact with fans directly.

I’d never say that the fans are ignored. It’s just tough to fully appreciate and engage the good comments when the site is littered with disrespectful complaining.

Is David’s aversion to doing a Stargate vs. Babylon 5 comparison due to him not having the DVDs? I’d be willing to loan mine out to him to have the conversation. I think he’d come to realize how JJ’s Lost isn’t the first sci-fi show to know the whole story arc from the beginning. It was also one of the first shows to show strong women, and show the characters in more than stereotypical arctypes. Showing their strengths and weaknesses. (Eagle1)

I couldn’t agree more, Eagle! Babylon 5 is one of my Top 5 genre series of all time. (Did you see Bruce Boxleitner in the new TRON Legacy trailer this week?) David’s aversion to doing a podcast installment about it is based solely on the fact that he’s never seen it. Yeah, he’s crazy that way. He’s also never seen Farscape (except scattered episodes I recommended before his first Ben Browder interview), or The Princess Bride. (Want his e-mail address?)

I’d find it pretty tough to compare Stargate to B5, but maybe I’ll have a go at it in a future column.
If you have questions for next week’s column, send ’em on in! We want to hear from you — what you think of the new SGU trailer, your comments or questions about Stargate and GateWorld, or whatever else is on your mind.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • I so love RDA’s comment about Kurt Russel’s hair :) “Strong hair”. He’s said that earlier too, meaning he could never have done Kurt’s hair from the Stargate film. Sorry for commenting on tangent issue like this – but the hair thing cracks me up.

  • Darren,
    I couldn’t agree more that SG1 and SGA could never be compared to B5. SGU, though has the potential of possbily meeting it. The one huge glaring issue is that Cooper and Wright haven’t come out and said that they have a 5 year plan for the show. Giving it a beginning, middle and an end like JMS did.

    In my opinion SGU has shown the capability of true character development, now if they kick up the action, the fans will have true buy in. The show has a ton of potential.

    My concern is that their may not be a middle and end, or at least not communicated to the fans. This might be a great interview question with Cooper and Wright.

    Related topic. David has never seen Farscape as a whole. Weird. It is such a quirky dark show that way Frillin cool. I watched the show religously, I’m waiting for the box sets to come down in price before buying. It’d rock in Blu-ray as well, but that more than likely will never happen.

    I’d love to e-mail David about loaning him my B5 DVD’s.

  • Action and more science is not enough. They have to make these charcters a little more likable. Battlestar Galatica had great action but I didn’t care about any of the characters. They need to have some episodes where some of these characters reform themselves because right now I just can’t relate to any of them. For example everyone could relate to O’neill.

  • Oh and I’ve never really seen Babylon 5 or Farscape eithier so your not completely alone.

  • You couldn’t relate to O’Neill dude, he was a cartoon character. A relatable character is a realistic character. If you are stuck on a ship with the possibility of death, you don’t crack jokes.

  • O’neill was the likeable everyman that people could relate to.

    SGU they’ve gone the reality tv route with the characters and they are the type of people I wouldn’t want to associate with much less relate too.

  • I personally find Eli is be a perfect character to relate to. He was literally beamed out of his home and thrown into this situation with no prior training and thus reacts closer to what we might would.

    Anyway think that latest SGU trailer is just awesome and have heard nothing but good things about ‘Space’.

    But even though I don’t personally believe this will happen I want to submit the following question for Gateworld: ‘What would you say to those who believe that the trailer only contains the good bits from the 2nd half to just build up hype for SGU’s return and that it will most likely just go back to a slow pace with little action a few episodes in?’

  • @Tanith
    I like Eli too.
    I did like Col. Everett but than he did you know what in someone eles body and now he just gives me the creeps. I do still like the medic T.J. but I’m afraid thats it. I still think its not too late for the characters to redeem themselves but they more troubled than most people. I mean everyone has vices and slip up on them from time to time but these charcters seem to be almost totally controlled by them.
    I should add I’m loyal to the franchis and will keep watching.

  • It’s time to move forward with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

    Lighten up for cryin out loud! It’ll all be okay!

  • I so can’t wait to see the rest of the season. This is going to be one crazy ride!

  • @tanith: “What would you say to those who believe that the trailer only contains the good bits from the 2nd half to just build up hype for SGU’s return”

    Do you watch no tv at all??? That is how commercials and trailers work!!! I’ve watched movies where scenes that were in the trailer were cut out of the movie, and only ever seen in commercials.

  • Yeah, and sometimes the movie is better than the trailer.
    O’Neill was likeable but certainly not relatable. Guys like that don’t exist, maybe down the pub, but not in life threatening situations, you relate to whats realistic and behaviour on Destiny is realistic.

  • @junebug read the rest of my sentence.

    Those who are sceptics believe that the trailer is just a bit hype and that a few episodes in we will just have more of the same as we had in the first half. But those of us who like SGU believe the trailer is a good indication of what’s to come and that SGU is going to pick up the pace and involve elements that the first half lacked.

  • I must say that I am surprised by that comment by James Spader in this article Darren. I always thought he had a good time when working in the original film. Sure, his career basically went t!ts up afterwards if you don’t count Boston Legal, but to talk about Stargate with such hatred?!? I alwasy wondered why alot of people hate him. Now I know why.

  • @stunner
    So using humour to cope with life threatening and/or difficult sitations is unrealistic but a ranking military officer being pre-occupied with his sex life with someone in another galaxy while in a life threatening situation is realistic?

  • Absolutely, it’s probably the only good thing he has going on that ship.

  • @Stunner “O’Neill was likeable but certainly not relatable. Guys like that don’t exist, maybe down the pub, but not in life threatening situations, you relate to whats realistic and behaviour on Destiny is realistic.”

    RDA said in an video interview on disc 1 of Season 8 SG-1 DVD, that he had a conversation between takes with (4 star) General Ryan (at that time Air Force Chief of Staff) who was doing a guest shot on the show. He asked him how if his portrayal of a Air Force Colonel was at all credible and if so did they have any colonels like him. General Ryan stopped him mid sentence and said that they not only had colonels like him but worse. In another part of the interview he stated that both “4 stars” (Generals Ryan & Jumper, the next Air Force Chief of Staff who also make a guest appearance on SG-1) had said the same thing. But he also stated that one of them (Jumper I think) said that he (O’Neill) did what they were all thinking but couldn’t do. Perhaps he was closer to the mark than you think. :)

    BTW, if any of you haven’t seen the honor that the Air Force bestowed on Richard Dean Anderson, you should really watch this special feature. It is a source of pride not only for RDA of course, but for Brad Wright and everyone who worked in any capacity: writers, directors, production staff, cast and crew in those first eight years. Once again I, as a fan, also commend you.

  • Sorry Darrin for getting a bit off topic in my above post. As for the new MGM trailer for season 1.5, it certainly does look amazing. I am hoping that if it delivers, as I think it will, that BW & RCC haven’t drawn out the “introduction” phase to long to regain some of the audience that have already jumped ship. This kind of feels a bit like the 1st half of season 7 of SG-1. While it had some above average episodes and it did bring back Daniel, many of the episodes were average and I didn’t want Stargate to become average. I began to have doubts about the decision to stretch the series for that 7th year. But the second half of season 7 was killer; especially the ride of Heroes, Inauguration and Lost City. Never again would I question without seeing the end product what Brad, Robert and their amazing production staff had up their collective sleeves. They haven’t let us down so far; not in SG-1 or SGA. I am a “lifer” with Stargate and have been in for the whole ride with SGU from the beginning; both season 1 and the recently announced season 2. But NOW I am truly excited!

  • @EryasDax
    Of course the Military loved his portrayal, it makes them look good. A strong, brave soldier, who takes everything in his stride with a smile and grit of determination. Anyway even if there were Colonels like him it still doesn’t make him relatable, well only to other Colonels.

  • Regarless of how much I love SGU, SG1 will always have my heart, especially RDA, he’s gorgeous.

  • @Stunner “Regarless of how much I love SGU, SG1 will always have my heart, especially RDA, he’s gorgeous.”

    Boy, you can say that again. But then he’s a contemporary of mine.

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