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MGM Web site unveils SGU‘s alien race

Monday - March 29, 2010
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The folks behind Stargate Universe have been promising a new and very alien race for the show, soon to be discovered by the crew of the Destiny.  No bumpy-headed humanoids played by Vancouver actors for the deepest reaches of the universe.

The MGM trailer for the second half of Season One revealed what the aliens look like, for the first time anywhere.  But that was one shot, at an angle and from a distance.  What do the CG beings look like up-close and personal?

MGM is now showing them off on their official Stargate Web site with the profile image below:

SGU - "Space" alien

What do you think?

Tune in to see the new baddies in action in “Space,” this week’s hotly anticipated mid-season premiere!  It airs at 9 p.m. (E/P) on Syfy in the United States, and 10 p.m. Eastern on SPACE in Canada.

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  • should’ve gone with muppets like with ‘Farscape’, their aliens were always more believable than any CGI creation

  • I think that’s really cool, but I don’t like it when MGM and Sci-Fi (oops SyFy) reveal these things. Does anyone remember The Atlantis episode The Lost Tribe? SyFy revealed who/what was inside the suits before the episode aired in both a picture and preview clip (without warning too). It totally ruined the big reveal for me. It irritates me when the network and/or studios release spoilers like this without any regard for people who want to go into it without prior knowledge.

  • I just wonder in how many episodes those aliens will appear in season 1. Will they only appear in “Space” or also in other episodes? Does anyone know more about it?

  • Whoops, I guess these aliens aren’t rubber faced?
    2 Eyes – Check
    2 Aural Sensory areas (same vicinity as humanoid) – Check
    1 Mouth, with teeth – check
    Brow ridge, Jaw Ridge, Cheekbone ridge – Check
    Alien? sure, for halloween maybe – Check

  • Nah, to much Alien/Aliens for me (yes those films were good but I like ‘cute’ scifi, compare Asgard).

  • @ daxmaryrussel

    One of my favourite aliens is the Horta from the old Star Trek episode, because it is truly alien. It doesn’t have for example two eyes, two legs, two arms and a mouth like the SGU aliens (and countless other aliens), and it also doesn’t look similar to an earth animal.

  • desperate attempt at trying to gain viewers with a sneak peek at the alien. how low will they stoop to try and prop up this dead horse?

  • What’s so desperate about a publicity image for a show that’s about to return? We get that you’re horribly opposed to the show, Jaffa Orange. We get that any time MGM tries to promote what they’ve sunk millions of dollars into, you get steamed.

    Instead of complaining, though, perhaps you could explain where the desperation in putting out a promo image comes from. While you’re at it, feel free to also explain how this is stooping so low, as you put it.


  • @jaffaorange: yes because no other tv show in history reveals minor spoilers to try to attract viewers. sgu is in a special void all on it’s own.

  • @jaff orange
    The viewer numbers aren’t that bad. Sure they aren’t great either, they’re just okay. And, yes, I know that Justice lost viewers, but we won’t know if it’s a trend or not until a couple of 1.5 episodes have aired.

  • Darren Sumner

    Syfy is also telling people that SGU is going to air at 9 p.m. / 8 Central on Friday. … Is there no low they won’t sink to to get people to watch? ;)

  • @PSW

    Dunno how I missed your remark before. I’d love to see something truly alien and Horta-esque. Of course, I’d put dollars to donuts that people would immediately go up in arms and condemn the writers as simplistic the moment an iconic line like “No kill I” came up.

  • look likes to aliens for alien v.s predator but i still cool as hell

  • wow, i can’t wait to see on friday.
    it going to be cool show

  • First, this species does look cool I’ll say that. I would have preferred something more alien, but I suppose this is alien enough to be covered by convergent evolution. Now we just need to see the other side of the coin: how alien is their behavior? For example, ‘aliens’ in Star Trek were often just abstractions of different elements in human culture. They didn’t have a truly alien mindset/culture. Hopefully SGU avoids that. Can’t wait.

  • Looks like a cross between an Asgard, Alien, and a Halo Covenant feel from it too.

  • looks awesome, just hope they’re in it for more then one episode.

  • Reminds me of the alien from Fire and Water.

    Interesting aquatic alien. Wonder if we’ll see some water planet.

  • In my opinion it looks like a less evolved version of the alien from season 1 of SG-1: episode Fire and Water there is a picture of it under that episodes description on gateworld. Enough to say they slightly altered that alien and made this one. maybe! At least its still more imaginative than what these guys have put forth a majority of the past 13 years.

  • AWESOME~!!! Love the alien design! Doesn’t look like cheap CGI like you see on most television shows. This actually makes me excited for SGU.

  • This “alien” still has a skull and facial features much like a human or other animals on earth. Even sea creatures here on earth look more alien than this. The “Horta” on the original Star Trek was a good attempt at a truly different creature. It was not human-like at all. The Stargate producers/writers simply lack imagination. This does not bode well for the rest of the series. Sorry.

  • They may have made a homage to the alien from Aliens (ie blatently ripped off, I wonder if a mini-me head will dart out of it’s mouth and hiss at everyone), but if you’re going to go with something that’s been done before, you might as well go for the best. It looks very cool.

  • You heard it here, folks. According to “Pioneering”, the look of one alien race does not bode well for the series. I wonder if any shows have survived with less alien looking “aliens”? Imagine if the vast majority of aliens on a show were just humans inserted into random Vancouver location #54789… you think a show like that would go for 10 years?

  • Wow, check those sharp teeth out, looks like a Carnivore to me… O_O

  • This reveal is nowhere near as bad as Syfy’s fubar when they revealed who the enemies were in Atlantis’ The Lost Tribe.

    These aliens do look interesting. My worry, though, is that these aliens and space battles will only be in one or two episodes. If the writers are following the pace they set with the first half of the season, then this could be the one or two action-oriented episodes to keep everyone’s interest while the others are slower and build-ups to the finale.

  • “Imagine if the vast majority of aliens on a show were just humans inserted into random Vancouver location #54789… you think a show like that would go for 10 years?”

    Depends. Do the main characters capture viewer interest within 10 episodes? Are they more than whiny navel gazers? Do they actually do something instead of being helpless and useless while a ship saves the day?

    Cool aliens mean squat all if the humans are not compelling.

  • Okay, now that’s a half decent looking alien. Way better than those dust mite alien(s) that they had in the first half of SGU. Now if they can only come up with some kick ass ships to go with those aliens then we might just have ourselves a decent series. *crosses fingers*

  • I have a feeling that Rush entered that ship that was on the planet where he got marooned. There he encountered these aliens and began explaining to them how awesome ancient technology really is. Then the aliens got really annoyed with him and now they are returning him to Destiny.

  • Holy Cow batman! Can’t wait for friday! I have been having some serious withdrawls. I want my stargate!! Can’t wait for Daniel and more Jack.

  • So I’m not the only one who thinks they look like a cross between the Asgard and the Fire and Water alien then.

  • Yaaaaawn. Looks like the alien from Aliens vs Predator. Like everything else in this utterly derivative show, it reminds me of something else. And I sincerely hope that the interactions of these aliens in the episode do not destroy the significance of their presence there. I am not expecting much, but am hopeful.

    For the hangers-on, we have to really get our heads around the reality of season 1: The ENTIRE season has already been filmed and has been in the can since early October of 2009. That means the following is true:

    1) NO rewrites, no adjustments, no changes.
    2) The season was filmed and finished before TPTB knew there would be such a negative backlash.
    3) These aliens are not “new”, they were done and finished way back in October. The idea that these next episodes are going to reflect fan changes is an oversight.
    4) The solicitation of new ideas from Mallozzi on his blog (and his responses to me directly) are clearly a placating device, and all the suggestions and ideas he ehard for the back half of season 1 were mere posturing devices.

    By carefully promising things to those who would like to see aliens and action, based on what he already knows is in the can, and then making excuses to those whose requests were not in the can, he hopes to please both camps. Isnt that what this show was supposed to do as well? So far, one strike. Two to go.


    I am not Emily.

  • I’m a big Sci-Fi fan and yes, these aliens do look quite derivative of others from other shows/movies but I love Stargate’s storylines and so far they’ve never let me down. So I’m going to trust that, eventhough these aliens may not be “alien” enough for a different galaxy, the series will be made right, with a good story. For me, it’s about the story, not just the looks. I personnally think people are too hung up on how these aliens look.
    Furthermore, yes the Horta did look alien; they also looked like a huge brown/red cover towel (which is probably all it actually was). Can you really see a giant blob of gunk really working for a show like this?
    Personnally I think the Horta looked rubbish; it was a product of an underbugetted show (a good show nonetheless).
    So, I’m going to wait until the second half of this season to come out before making my judgements and I really hope everyone else does to. By making a negative judgement now you will look at the show in a bias manner and you won’t enjoy it, no matter how good it is because you will pick holes in everything.

    Please do not judge a whole series (not just a season) on how one alien race looks.

  • is it me or does it look a bit like the alien from SG1 season 1 episode Fire and Water

  • yes it is just you who thinks that
    along with a couple of other people who think the same thing
    I don’t see the resemblance though

  • I like them! Yet… anything with the usual arrangement of two eyes and a mouth still looks earth-derived. For something truly alien, maybe something that doesn’t give me any sense of a normal face? Avoid the trappings of bipedal locomotion?

  • @psw – yes I do like the Star Trek Horta! And it was good because of Spock, i.e. the human interactions with them. I do like all kind of very different kind of looking aliens – only probs in a show is that they are only interesting for a limited amount of time (unless you can get the “humans” to interact with it in a good way – that’s what we like to see, I think). Think about the Retu – they were cool because we had the boy interpreting for us, think about those weird fish people in Star Trek (Fleetwood played one), they were sort of interesting but because of lack of (human/our kind of) interaction they become kind of boring after a short while. Maybe the trick is to make the alien and mysterious enough — like the Vorlons, e.g. Kosh — I’m looking forward to new episodes, though – we will get them here in Pegasus galaxy withing 6-12 months on TV I trust :) LLAP folks – oh and by the way isn’t there some science research saying that bipedals, head two arms in one form or another is supposedly the most common/best suited body – for an ‘M class’ planet at least?

  • Sorry for all typos and bad English. I’ll write in a word processing program next time and proof read before hitting submit. (Yes, we all want that edit button, don’t we :-)

  • yeah, cool, but … hmmm, do they also know english, like all others do? :D

  • @bkmz222 – The aliens should NEVER speak English. At least at first contact they shouldn’t unless of course there’s a good reason (i.e. English is taught as a second language in alien high school).

  • ehh, I guess it beats the lucian alliance.I think the idea not so heck bent on evil a better idea. SGU wanted something different then why are they going back to this rubber alien? The concept that their enemies were those flying bugs or those squid thingys were a better type of ‘enemy’ for SGU.

  • My only question is:
    Telepathy or Alien Sign Language *ASL*(pun intended),or communication via fiery runic script in the air? I’ll just laugh if they speak in “closed captions” not ‘subtitles’ Interglactic race of aquatic alien Deafies. Audists PHEER!

    as a side note: Its really a shame online streaming shows aren’t captioned more often, Us real life Deafies are missing out. :( I have to watch an episode of Stargate Universe online, then run to Gateworld the next day to find a transcript posted and catch up on the dialogue. :| ***Many HUGE THANKS to the Transcript People here on Gateworld its much appreciated ***

  • So these aliens are derivitive and too human looking but the wraith arent?

  • I told myself that if they didn’t introduce aliens to the series soon, that I would throw in the towel, since it has mostly been close-up drama in a confined space. We don’t want relationships and drama crap. We want space battles and gate-travel and encountering various worlds and their inhabitants, ships and technology, dire circumstances and conflict resolution.

    Bring on the Wraith of SGU. XD

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