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Vala Mal Doran comic book due in May

Friday - March 19, 2010
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Comic - Vala Mal Doran #1Dynamite Entertainment is set to launch its new series of Stargate comic books in 2010, starting with Vala Mal Doran #1.  The limited series is set in the SG-1 universe and features the sexy thief played on television by Claudia Black.

Series writer Brandon Jerwa talks about the story in a new interview with Comic Book Resources. Jerwa, known for his work on G.I. Joe, Highlander and Battlestar Galactica, revealed that the story will feature a “heist” for which Vala assembles an Ocean’s 11-style group of cohorts.

Vala’s working with a crew of science fiction ne’er-do-wells that are all new to the franchise,” Jerwa told the site. “I’m going to keep the hard details under wraps for now, but let me give you some glimpses into my madness: Vala’s crew has a weirdo alien pilot, an officious robot, a tiger warrior, a midget assassin and a hot chick with a space monkey.

Look for the SG-1 team to be involved too, of course — including Jack O’Neill.

“The series is actually set in two different timelines,” Jerwa explained. “The first two and a half issues take place before Vala joined up with SG-1. She’s a freelance thief who’s burning bridges left and right, both with former employers and the higher-ups in an organization called the Lucian Alliance.

“The second half of the series takes place in the current continuity of Stargate SG-1. Vala is leading a far more honest life these days, but she finds herself dealing with the repercussions of her actions in the first part of the story. Those repercussions aren’t just affecting Vala’s livelihood, either – they’re threatening the entire universe.”

Jerwa will reportedly also write the main Stargate SG-1 “Season 11” series.  Dynamite has three separate launches planned for comics based on SG-1, Atlantis, and Stargate Universe, according to last summer’s announcement (story).

Check out the full-size cover images for Vala Mal Doran #1 and #2 now in the Stargate Image Gallery, courtesy of Comic Book Resources!  Also look for the cover to Daniel Jackson #1, another limited-run series in the works at Dynamite.

Read the full interview now at Comic Book Resources, and ask your local comic purveyor about Vala Mal Doran #1 and the new Stargate comics from Dynamite!  Newsarama also has an interview with Jerwa about the series.

(Thanks to CraigMacD for the tip)

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  • Man, Claudia Black is really hot, but this comic version of Vala really isnt. She might even be really ugly. Maybe its just the face she makes on the cover but… damn

  • is she skinny enough? also… boy o boy did they exaggerate her

  • a dynamite comics release? count on vala to be wearing next to nothing any time you see her. dynamite makes some of the worst comics.

  • AWESOME!!! Cannot wait!!! Definitely a comic series I’ll be following!!!

  • Seriously don’t like the artistic style here – doesn’t really look like Vala at all.
    But I’d buy it anyway, darn it.

  • @grif

    Looks like they tried to compensate by making her thighs wider than her waist xD

  • I think it’s rather appropriate that they decided to focus a whole comic book series on Vala given that she was always the most comic-book like of the main characters. Since it looks like a good part of the series will focus almost entirely on her life before SG-1, I’m really not all that interested. I would love to have comic books that focus on SG-1 and all of the team members – Jack, Sam, Teal’c, Daniel, Cam, and Vala (and even Jonas if you can squeeze him in). But I won’t be buying anything that focuses just on one character to the exclusion of all the others. I also really hope that the SG-1 Season 11 comic series does not exclude Jack and Sam b/c they were no longer on SG-1. That would be even more disappointing to me than DE’s decision to release series for individual characters. I had problems with Avatar b/c they took so long to release the various issues but at least they always gave everyone on the team some part to play in all of their stories.

  • It mentions that Jack O’Neill will be included in the stories and no doubt if they can, they will focus some stories on him, Teal’c and Samantha Carter. Maybe they will eventually write a comic book about Sam/Jack ship and I can avoid it and you will be happy :)

  • I have already put the request in for Daniel Jackson #1-the end with my friendly neighborhood comic book dude. It’s Daniel for crying out loud I would buy him running around in tights with Wolverine…

    I am skipping the Vala series, but the writer of the series is great so I am sure Vala Mal Doran fans will love this.

    I have a question? Why allow a very sci-fi cliched comic book to come out after the recent push away from such cliches in the Stargate franchise with Stargate Universe? Was this something in the works before SGU emerged or … I am just confused.

  • @sprinkles

    Who said anything about wanting a Sam/Jack ship comic? I wouldn’t buy that one either. I just find it disappointing that DE is choosing to focus the first new SG comic series in years on a single character that was only a main character on the show for one season. I’m sure some of the Daniel fans would have been upset if they had decided to do a whole series focused entirely on Jonas. It also doesn’t look like any of the other characters besides Daniel will be featured heavily in this series or get their own series in the future. So fans of the other characters besides Daniel and Vala are out of luck it seems. If you actually like the other members of the team (Jack, Sam, Teal’c, Cam, and Jonas), it makes it difficult to be excited about the direction they are taking with these comics.

  • I’d like to see a classic sg1 comic novel please. Original team off on an adventure. I’ve been reading the SG1 books from Fandemonium as a way to fill my SG1 cravings. I’ve often imagined it would be great if someone could create an animated version of Stargate SG1 with new original stories. Maybe some enterprising fans will take this on some day.

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