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Robert Carlyle wins Gemini’s Best Actor award

Sunday - November 14, 2010
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Stargate Universe‘s Robert Carlyle is the Best Actor in Canada, according to Gemini Award voters!  Carlyle won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role, for his role as Dr. Nicholas Rush in the Season One episode “Human.”

The 25th annual award gala was held last night in Toronto, with the entire cast in attendance.  Carlyle’s fellow nominees included Michael Riley (Being Erica), Luke Kirby (Cra$h & Burn), Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle), and fellow SGU cast member Louis Ferreira (“Everett Young”).

SGU was also up for Best Dramatic Series.  The trophy went to The Tudors.

In total, Stargate Universe was nominated for nine awards in this year’s Geminis, including Best Direction (Andy Mikita), Best Original Music Score (Joel Goldsmith), Best Photography (Jim Menard), Best Picture Editing (Rick Martin), Best Sound (Kelly Cole and team), and Best Visual Effects (Mark Savela and team). The awards honor the best English-language television produced in Canada, as determined by members of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and other industry professionals.

Congratulations to Robert and the entire cast and crew!

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  • Certainly well deserved!!!! He does great work and I’m glad he’s been recognised for it!!!! Congratulations, Mr. Robert Carlyle!!!!

  • Nice to see that the rest of the cast is so happy for him. That really says a lot about him as an actor and a person.

  • Congrats Mr Carlyle….Come on people give SGU a go

    I really LOVE the show.Sadly Im in Australia so watching it live dosen’t count-!

  • congrats, hopefully the show gets renewed and he can show us some more that great actting :D

  • Well deserved. Even if it gets canceled, I think most of us will admit (including Robert) that it was experience worth to have. Good series, excellent acting, and excellent use of Stargate cosmos material of so many years.

    Also thanks to the rest of the acting team – you are the best.

  • @Bevarne: I am a big fan of the Stargate franchise, but only a moderate fan of SGU. My only reason to watch this show, is because of Robert Carlyle and his “Rush” character. The show itself, is centered too much on drama, and not enough on science fiction. Both the cast and crew, consider this a Drama Show, and not a Sci-Fi Show. Both SG-1 and SGA are Sci-Fi shows.

  • From Wikipedia: The Geminis celebrate the achievements of TV members of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

    Also from Wikipedia: Stargate Universe (often abbreviated as SGU) is an American – Canadian military science fiction television series and part of MGM’s Stargate franchise.

    Lastly (also from Wikipedia): Robert Carlyle, OBE (born 14 April 1961) is a Scottish film and television actor

    It’s sad day for Canadian Television (Trying to Celebrate Canadians as opposed to Foreign Artists), when Gemini’s couldn’t find a Canadian actor to give the Award to. It probably would have been okay if it was Louise Ferreira, as He is supposed to be Canadian.

  • I’m sure the knives are out today in the Canadian Film Industry and Actor’s Guilds. It’s all a bit bizarre to me. Space has been promoting Louis Ferreira’s career/SGU involvement quite heavily since the show started and you’d think a Canadian citizen would take it over a “foreigner”. Would have like to have seen Maury Chakin (Neris – deceased) have gotten mention.

  • @Mentat and US06154:
    Geminis go to non-Canadian citizens all the time. The Gemini Awards are there to “honour the best in Canadian television”, and Canadian citizenship isn’t a requirement when acting on Canadian TV. CanCon rules regulate a great deal, but 100% of the cast of any given Canadian show doesn’t have to carry Canadian citizenship. Additionally, this does NOT mean that there weren’t excellent performances turned in by Canadian citizens on Canadian TV this year; it simply means that, of many excellent performances on Canadian television programmes, his stood out. And for that, he was honoured. Good for him.

  • Both Carlyle and Ferreira have been excellent during Universe and both deserve a nod. They’re back and forth banter is easily the best part of the series.

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