Everett Young

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Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, in command of a group of military and civilian personnel stranded on board the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny -- billions of light years from Earth.

Young has a strong command presence, but must continually deal with civilian scientists the likes of Dr. Nicholas Rush, who pay him lip service but subvert his orders when it is in their own interests. He has clashed with Rush several times, even beating him unconscious and leaving him behind on an alien planet after Rush framed him for murder -- a decision he came to deeply regret. Young seems to recognize that he's not the right man for this difficult command, and despite his best efforts has made poor command decisions in the attempt to keep his people safe.

Everett was originally assigned to command the Icarus Base, a post he accepted against his wife Emily's wishes. He held that post for approximately two years, while Rush and a team of experts pursued the Ninth Chevron Project there.

When Icarus came under surprise attack from the Lucian Alliance, Young ordered an evacuation back to Earth. But Rush countermanded Young's instructions and instead dialed the Stargate's nine-chevron address. With the computers damaged, Young had no choice but to evacuate the team to the other side, where they found themselves on Destiny with little food, water, or air, and no way home.

Everett had an extramarital affair with Lt. Tamara Johansen, an officer under his command at Icarus. He broke it off and told his wife about it, but after they arrived on Destiny the two learned that she had become pregnant. The child, Carmen, was lost when T.J. was accidentally shot during an incursion onto the ship by Lucian Alliance forces -- though she believed for a time that a race of highly advanced aliens had intervened and saved the child's life.

Young has used the ship's long-range communication stones to visit his estranged wife on multiple occasions, but their separation soon became final. With the revelation of Destiny's long-term mission, Colonel Young dedicated himself to its pursuit.


PLAYED BY: Louis Ferreira


Air, Part 1 - When Colonel Everett Young arrives aboard the Destiny badly wounded he places Lieutenant Scott in charge of the situation.
Air, Part 2 - Believing Young is suffering from neuropraxia, Sergeant Johansen orders that he remain off his feet.
Air, Part 3 - Young takes the body of Colonel Telford back on Earth to communicate the latest status updates aboard the Destiny. Meanwhile, Telford takes Young's body and risks injuring it further by leaving bed against medical orders.
Darkness - After briefing General O'Neill, Young is escorted to see his wife Emily, and discovers that she is past the brink of wanting to move on with her life.
Water - Young and Scott travel to a frozen wasteland to collect supplies of fresh water for the ship. When Scott succumbs to a cave-in, Rush must consider the possibility of leaving him behind.
Life - Young visits his wife to find that Telford has been building a relationship with her, and has told her he is still having an affair with T.J. He takes advantage of the communication stones to later attack Telford.
Justice - Young temporarily cedes command of the ship after he is suspected of murdering a crewmember, only to learn that Rush framed him. He attacks Rush on a barren planet, leaving him behind.
Space - Young is put to the test when he encounters his first hostile alien race, and must take Destiny into a firefight.
Divided - Rush and Wray lead a civilian coup to take over the ship, which Young and his people succeed in putting down.
Lost - Everett learns that T.J., once his mistress, is pregnant with his child.
Incursion, Part 2 - Young tries to put down an attempt by the Lucian Alliance to take control of Destiny, but nearly loses the ship and comes within a breath of execution.
Aftermath - The Colonel smothers a fatally injured Sgt. Riley to death after he asks Young to end his pain.
Trial and Error - A psychologically fractured Young faces the same impossible scenario over and over again -- an alien attack on the ship -- as Destiny herself tests him to see if he will step up in his leadership.
The Greater Good - Young turns on Rush after the secret of Destiny's bridge comes out, and learns the truth about the ship's long-term mission -- prompting him to decide how his crew will move forward.
Gauntlet - With his ship under seize and no options left, Colonel Young consents to enter into a long stasis sleep with his crew -- not knowing for certain when (or if) he will wake up on the other side.