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Universe actors learned of cancellation via Twitter

Thursday - December 16, 2010
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Here’s an odd story that has come out as news has broken today of Syfy Channel‘s decision to cancel Stargate Universe (story): Many of the show’s cast didn’t learn about the fate of the show until their fans told them on Twitter.

“Crap. Just heard the news as well,” David Blue (Eli Wallace) posted on his Twitter account. “Apparently, nobody decided to tell us ahead of time. My rep heard it online. Seems they canceled SGU.”

“Look out for the back half [of Season Two,” Blue added. “Really proud of it. Shame, because where they leave Eli is frakkin’ cool. REALLY wanted to see where it went.  But I appreciate all of your continuing support in all my future works, as well. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!”

News of the cancellation first broke on, and was then posted by Syfy’s Craig Engler via the network’s Twitter account.  Thanks to the instantaneous nature of Twitter, fans were offering consolation to tweeting cast members within seconds.

“To find out SGU is canceled first from my tweeps is the power of Twitter,” Ming-Na (Camille Wray) wrote. “I’ll miss my SGU family very much! Thank you for your love and support!”

“David Read from GateWorld called and informed me,” stunt coordinator James “BamBam” Bamford wrote. “Moments later, it appears on Twitter … Much LOVE to EVERYONE involved in the SG franchise. It has been an honor and pleasure working alongside you all.”

Lou Diamond Phillips was among those actors who reacted to today's cancellation news on Twitter.

Actor Peter Kelamis plays Dr. Adam Brody on Universe.  He tweeted: “What can I say other than Thank You from the bottom of my Heart to all those who supported SGU.”

“What a wonderful SGU experience it was,” Lou Diamond Phillips (David Telford) tweeted. “Only sad I won’t see that wonderful cast & crew as often. But I know I made good friends for life!”

With the exception of Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira, all of the show’s main cast members are on Twitter, as are many supporting cast members and production team members.  (Here’s our slightly out-of-date list.)

Other genre faces and friends of the Stargate crew reacted to the news on Twitter, as well.  Stargate Atlantis‘s David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) wrote: “I thought the DMV was about as bad as it was going to get for me today … but I return to find out Syfy cancelled SGU!?”  Hewlett puts in a guest appearance on SGU in the back half of the final season, which will air on Syfy this spring.

David’s sister Kate Hewlett (SGA‘s Jeannie Miller) wrote: “So … today marks the end of the Stargate franchise? Very sad indeed if that’s the case. SGU was a damn good show with a kick-ass cast.”

“Ack with SGU being canceled and being shut down, today is grim!” wrote Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible, The Guild).

Condolances to the cast and crew of Stargate Universe -- and thanks for a great two years!

“Condolences to all my SGU buddies,” added Eureka‘s Neil Grayston.

“So bummed for my friends at SGU,” Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary) said. “Horrible news. I have no doubt that your next endeavors will be amazing. You guys are awesome. Much love.”

Former Stargate Atlantis writer/producer Martin Gero weighed in, as well, saying: “What a bummer. I thought the second season of SG:U was some of the best Stargate ever. Sad for that amazing team.”

Executive producer Carl Binder said that he learned the news via e-mail, about an hour before it hit Twitter. Calling it “like a punch in the gut,” he capped off the day’s developments nicely, so we’ll give him the final word: “Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. And to the cast and crew of SGU, thanks for making this the best job I’ve ever had.”

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • I think this is just disgusting, these companies cannot be allowed to do that sort of thing. Stargate Universe was a brilliant show, it’s not our fault it got bad rating on a bad network on a bad day.

  • Making an announcement to the world before even announcing it to the cast and crew. Man that is a low blow Syfy!

  • No more Stargate ???
    It’s not a reason !!! It’s to us, now, to make live Stargate as long as possible !!!
    Make know Staragte to all person you know. Go to conventions, make fan-films, make props exhibitions, dess up….

    French fans are very very disappointed too for this news… :-(

  • There has to be somewhere where we can PROTEST this ridiculous decision! We have to get someone to pick this show up. Syfy is STUPID to cancel such an excellent show! What the heck do we do???

  • Could the show still be rescued the same way SciFi saved SG 1 after Showtime canceled it?

  • Could it be that the actors weren’t told first because MGM may be looking to set up the show elsewhere and they didn’t want to create a panic among the talent and have them sign up to do other things?

  • Say what you want, whether you hated the show or loved it (I loved it) the way SyFy broke the news to the cast and crew is about as low as I’ve ever seen a network stoop to canceling a show.

    The fact that news of the cancellation and how it happened is spreading like wildfire around the internet can NOT be good publicity at all for SyFy, look at how even former Stargate series cast members are reacting like David Hewlett and his sister. I hope that how this happened will really damage SyFy’s reputation in the industry and make anybody think twice before putting a new show on SyFy.

  • I guess this shouldn’t be surprising from a network that considers professional wrestling to be a cornerstone of its science fiction lineup.

    It’d be great to see some sort of grassroots effort pick SGU up and run with it, without being too focused on return-on-investment and that sort of thing. As always, though, the problem is getting money on the front end to get things started.

  • Hey guys, I hate Syfy for this too. Believe me. This was lower than announcing it at thw 200 episode party, and I didn’t think SyFy could get lower than that. However, let’s not forget to support our friends while they are still stuck with Syfy. We all need to watch SGU live when it returns to show SyFy how big of a mistake they have made. We also need to all tune in to Sanctuary to support Amanda Tapping, Ryan Robbins, and other Stargate alums. Heaven forbid Sanctuary be next to the chopping block. It’s fate is not yet determined.

  • I just found out on Twitter too from darthvader, then immediatly jumped over here. This is a sad day for all. SGU wasn’t my cup of tea but I watched and admired what they were doing. Best wishes to the cast, and crew.

  • sighs how low can people get, learning about a shows cancleation should be heard by the production first. not to be posted on twitter…

    I sinceraly hope this isnt the end for the franchise, i hope they will make a 4th show, on another channel and also make some SGU movie to complete the storyline.

    mayby some more guns and explosions the next time, since its seems to be what resonates with todays audiance!!! screw personal relations and compelling story telling!!!…. sighs

  • Thank you SyFail Network for bringing on more reality shows and more wrestling. I’ll be sure NOT to watch…

  • I’m sure the producers and MGM knew about the cancellation before the announcement, that they didn’t tell the cast and crew is on them.
    Sucks for them that they found out that way, that was cruel.

  • Wow…I wasn’t a fan of SGU (too much like BSG for me) – but really, SyFy?

    I’m thinking we should start taking bets on how much longer it’s going to be before the SyFy network collapses completely. Here’s a hint to TPTB – you don’t cancel successful shows (like anything with “Stargate” in the title), and you don’t include wrestling in your programming schedule (we all know it’s fiction, but it’s a little lacking on the science portion). And you don’t make the cast and crew find out via Twitter!

  • Hey guys, just an FYI: Syfy does not contact the actors directly. They tell MGM, who tells the Agents, who passes that info on to the producers/actors/crew. Carl Binder received a message prior to the announcement so Syfy did tell them in advance, it’s just someone dropped the ball. Either MGM or the Agents did, if they found out via twitter. Gateworld, please get your facts right.

  • It was NOT SyFy’s obligation to tell the cast and crew, it was Brad Wright & Co.’s. According to the mod of’s forum, the cancellation was announced internally two days ago. SyFy waited 24 hrs. before announcing it via Twitter. Not their fault that Wright and Co. couldn’t be bothered to call the cast and crew.

    Please, stop blaming SyFy for everything, peeps!

  • […] day. RIP, Stargate: Universe. They took you from us before your time. H8 U, SyFy. Apparently they didn’t even have the decency to let the cast know ahead of time. This was written by admin. Posted on Friday, December 17, 2010, at 3:37 am. Filed under legit, […]

  • Maybe SyFy isn’t to be blamed for cast and crew finding out about the cancelation vie Twitter,but it has stooped so low on all other possible levels ,that something has to be done about that disgusting disgrace of a network!
    Let’s all let them know how we feal,let’s be heard,let’s boycott it..their programming and business decisiones are already killing the network,they’ve already turned it into a ruin,a shaddow of it’s former’s almost as they were doing it on purpose,someone has been sent to ruin the network..happens in todays business world,especially cruel tv industry.So,even that is not out of the realm of possibillity.
    Let’s “help”them in bringing the network down,if they want it so badly,but let’s do it ASAP..before they can squeezze more money out of the dying tv network and do everything in our power..we all have a voice and present viewership they depend to kill off the dying horse!To end it’s sufferring..

  • At this point Syfy Channel has almost nothing to offer. I do like Warehouse 13 and Eureka, but to me they are not on the level of SGU, Caprica, BSG, SG1, or SGA. The best show left on the network is Sanctuary. I suppose it’s just a matter of time before they choose to get rid of it too. I should probably just stop watching now. I know that’s not right, but that’s how I feel. I don’t give a damn about the wrestling or the stupid reality shows. I am disappointed and actually disgusted at what Syfy Channel is turning into. I could look forward to BSG: Blood and Chrome. But what’s the point. They’ll just cancel it after 10 or 15 episodes. I have been a fan and supporter Syfy Channel for many years, but I’m just about done…

  • @Alexandria7 and katikatnik:

    Oh please! Carl Binder indicated that he learned barely an hour before the announcement went public. The producers barely had enough notice themselves to even formulate a plan and a strategy. I mean think about it… you get news on the 16th of December, how do you think that makes your talent feel for the holiday season? You don’t just call them up and say, “Hey, I got news you’re fired, sorry about that. Gotta run… got others to fire as well!” That sort of thing doesn’t go over well.

    So spare me your SyFy forum moderator nonsense… that’s all just smoke and mirrors and defense to clean up the mess as far as I’m concerned.

  • sci fi was too busy watching wrestling to let them know before us. whether the show was good or not makes no difference. this is just plain wrong.

  • @GoodThings2Life: SyFy @Twitter did damage control, true. But you should blame the person who went and spilled their guts to Deadline who brought the story out first. Someone somewhere flapped their big mouth. Craig @Twitter said something only after Deadline brought it up. So, yeah, I agree, it was damage control but not the way you put it.

    But people will blame SyFy no matter what ::shrugs::

  • I sooooooo can’t believe they cancelled SGU?!?!?! That is just so low, not telling the actors first!….im in england and so cant protest about syfy. But i do think that maybe they will bring sgu back if everyone watches it live….maybe sgu will get picked up by another channel, like you say, they might not have told them because they were trying to get someone else to pick em up?? *fingers crossed its renewed*

  • I am really going to miss SGU. Granted it started off rough, I made sure my TV was set to it every Tuesday night even if I wasn’t home myself, just to help the ratings….as much as 1 person can anyway…. I wanted to see the whole 5 year plan, I really did…flippin syfy for canceling it. Tuesday nights were just a bad time slot….

  • This comment board is so one-sided. Ever since the beginning of SGU most hated it and demanded it get the axe. So, you go what you wanted. As is said, “be careful what you wish for”. Had SGU season 2 been season 1 maybe it would have gained support. But with Brad Wright and others simply poo pooing the fans and acting outraged that the blog was hijacked by haters, who is going to feel sorry? Not me. Sure it’s terrible the cast was not notified but this is the nature of the beast. This happens in the industry all the time. Dealing with the “Talent” seems to be hard when times are good so when the cancellation comes down no one in Syfy or Wright or MGM cared and tell me again why they should? Give us the movies you promised us Syfy or better yet just shut off the lights.

  • Terrible news! I am a huge SG fan from day one. I was very sad when they canceled SGA, now I’m mad and as I write this I am pissed. SGU started slow building the characters the way a good show does. This season is just great. My sympathy to the cast and crew for finding out the way they did. I don’t know how to break the news to my daughter who is coming home from collage today. We sit down and watch SGU together. We love Greer great job Jamil Walker Smith what a bad ass. There is always something we can do to let the network know how we feel.

  • @ Michael Sacal
    I recall reading in one of the press releases or comments online that the channel had legal rights to the franchise for the next several years. So MGM cannot shop it around unless they pay back the channel. This would likely be impossible for a company in Chapter 11.

    I’m sorry that so many talented people will be unemployed by this decision. However, when they fired Torri (Dr. Weir) they did much the same thing only telling her after she had relocated and been promised a permanent lead. They did that so they could bring Amanda over after SG1 ended. The mismanagement of this series has been spiralling down for years: and though the second season was better, SGU and the treatment of the longtime fans online by the showrunners is proof.

    It is a sad thing that this happened. But it isn’t surprising since the viewership just wasn’t there.

  • I strongly disagree with not telling the production’s employees before it went public.
    It’s like going to the company cafeteria & being told you’ve been fired by the lunch lady.

  • The worst part is announcing you’re cancelling a serialized television show when you still have ten more episodes to air. Why on earth would I invest any more of my valuable time into a story that I now know will be cut-off in the middle. With Caprica and now SGU being cancelled without giving the show’s producers enough warning to even attempt a wrap-up… I just can’t, in good conscience, support anything on their network anymore.

  • it happened to the sga cast members as well. they had no clue what was going on.

  • What really sucks is the next and last batch of 10 episodes almost certainly ends with a cliff hanger, one that will never be resolved.

  • To bad a network like Starz won’t pick it up. They were considering doing more Sci-fi like with Teal’c angel show. It is sad how they had to find out about it on Twitter. Hell, I would love for TNT or someone to pick them up. Sad, so sad.

  • Some people are ttalking about it being just busibess,but the matter of a fact is that SyFy’s business and programming decisions are so incredibly bad that it is no wonder the whole network is falling appart.
    And it should,it should suffer the SGU’s faith,which I’m sure it will.
    Why,because for years now they’ve been making one bad decision after another,distancing themselves more and more from real sci-fi and real sci-fi fans,fans who understand what sci-fi is and should be.
    So now they are running with bad c-movies,constant reruns,reality shows insulting for inteligence and get this..frakking Wrestling!!GEEZ!!
    And with the cancelation of Caprica and SGU the last shows that required a brain to watch are gone!Their targeted public are people whom I will not describe in words,cause my comment will not be posted,it’s happened already..
    So good luck SYFy with that!The haters are obviously in minority and always the same several names repeating.This reaction of the silent mayority,which is about 95% of people that have posted comments here should tell SyFy greedy execs enough about the faith of their network.
    The ratings were as they were not because a couple of frustrated SGA fans supposedly stopped watching the show,although they are here every week and know all about the show.The ratings went down because of the changing media world,antiquated Nielsen ratings system and SyFy’s horrible decision making.
    Really hope some othernetwork picks it up and Starz is an exellent idea..there they could be what they want to be,they could be diferrent,experimenting with their author vision,be sexier and edgier as someone said,without having to pay attention to stargate purists and their obsession with long gone shows and long gone way of making television!!

  • Um, has it occured to anyone that SyFy was going to tell the cast but between the decision and getting the notices out someone leaked the decision and when that happened they just went ahead and confirmed it?

    Im not defending SyFy but to say that they felt like telling the public first and then their employees later is pretty ludicrous.

  • At first I said I’d not watch the show but wound up giving it a chance and have watched (and enjoyed) most of this season.

    Maybe USA would pick it up. They could stand to drop a handful of Law and Order episodes- that show seems to be on several hours a day- surely no one would miss a couple hours of it.

    btw……Yes it’s a shame how the cast found out about the cancellation tsk tsk tsk I’d be furious and who would want to work with people that would treat someone like that?

  • SGU – Possible future?

    I wonder if we cant get the series to continue online like Sanctuary did when it first started out? Can we do a donation thing where the fans an give money to help fule the show so that additional episodes can be made, even if it is a limited amount to give the series a chance to play out and end with dignity? I have no problem supporting the show, but is this a possibilty? If fans like this idea and support the idea of taking it into ur own hands to try and move past a network then join in, continue this idea and lets join together together.

  • I feel so badly for the crew and cast – especially hearing this bad news right before the holidays. I just want to say again how grateful I am for all their hard work and that they did a great job.

    I wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

  • Darren Sumner

    All this story says is that some of the cast members (David and Ming-Na posted explicitly to this effect) didn’t know the show was canceled before they saw it on Twitter. It doesn’t mean the whole cast and crew.

    Let’s be clear here, folks: It isn’t Syfy’s job to inform the cast. We don’t know how long they gave the producers to disseminate the information, but I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt here.

    We reported this story because it’s an interesting anecdote surrounding the cancellation — not because we think Syfy needs to be called out for handling things poorly. Maybe they did. We don’t have enough information to make that judgment.

  • Here are tweets from Craig Engler @Syfy, on this situation:
    “Wanted to clarify, news about SGU was not announced on Twitter. It broke on After getting Qs on Twitter we addressed it here.”

    “Once news broke we felt it was better to address it here and not ignore the Twitter questions we were getting.”

    So someone leaked the news and they had to respond. I’m sure the producers would have had time to notify the cast if this hadn’t happened. People really jump to conclusions sometimes.

  • All the new tech is nice untill it tells you you’re out of the job before you hear it from your boss.

  • Star trek was brought back by the fans, Sg can be too, GATE HEADS UNITE!!!!!

  • “If you don’t like the character interactions, romance, and open-ended story elements introduced to date, you’re in for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong haul because that’s our show.” – Joseph Mallozzi

    Two years? A “long haul”?

    “I think what kind of destroyed the franchise, in some ways, was ego and vanity. When that element of ego and vanity that’s sitting there in the franchise right now gets pushed aside, I think the whole thing could be re-tooled. I think it’s the type of franchise that has years in it, and has lots of legs.” – Joe Flanigan

  • Since not all actors learned of cancellation on twitter, shouldn’t the title include “Some” in front?

  • @Darren: Thank you for clarification – but! You must’ve realized that your article, worded as it is, would just stir the water and make people blame and name-call SyFy even more. In the end, as Craig posted on Twitter, it was not SyFy’s fault – but I don’t see THAT mentioned anywhere, not even an ETA in the article.

  • Very professional SyFy, it just shows how much you were behind your own people and network. May your demise come sooner than later. Love you SGU guys, you are great.

  • Every respectable TV channel presents both popular shows, which bring it financial support, and quality shows, which bring it a name and a lot of fame… I am sorry SyFy could not be a respectable channel…
    The way this channel’s managers had chosen to treat such people as SGU’s cast is outrageous… and I am sorry I have to say that…
    Destiny’s crew, we love you and wait for you to come back, one way or another, as soon as possible!

  • Oh man, this news sucks! I despise the concept of ratings! SyFy is the worst network out there. If only they knew how popular SGU is outside of the US. For instance, my family and friends never watched Stargate but SGU had more than just Sci-Fi – it was the drama in the show that made my network watch it. It was getting more and more popular by each episode.

    Also, it was among the most downloaded (torrent) shows out there, at the same level as Smallville, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead etc. Very very popular show so I can’t for the life of me understand why american networks only care about US ratings. Get rid of that concept entirelly and reach out to viewers by other means than TV. Most people I know don’t watch scheduled show, being at the mercy of the networks. Instead we download the shows and watch them on computers or connect the computer to the TV.

    Too bad SyFy never looked elsewhere to REALLY fathom SGU:s wide popularity.

    Good luck SyFy, I’m boycotting you till the day I die!

  • @plex: SyFy doesn’t care how popular the show is on torrent, Hulu, iTunes and whatnot. That doesn’t bring them any money at all, just the opposite. All they care about are ratings and those were bad for such an expensive show.

  • Five years from now people will rediscover SGU and Caprica in syndication and wonder why they were canceled prematurly.

  • @katikatnik:

    It should matter since WE are the ones that BUY the series when it comes out on DVD/Bluray, just like I did with SG1 and SGA.

    Also, Stargate Universe isn’t only shown in the US but in other places of the world too, like Sweden. It’s aired on cable here and reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people. It’s popularity was growing all the time so of course they should care about reaching out in other ways! TV as a medium (scheduled) is dying. WHO wants to be interrupted by ads all the time!? It’s not even possible to buy the shows on Itunes if you don’t live in the US! How stupid is that?!?

  • I am truly sad to see SGU go. It is an excellent show with an intriguing storyline and outstanding cast. Sure, at times it may have seemed slow in comparison to SG1 and SGA, however, it was slowly reaching it’s prime. It is such a big shame that Sci-Fy is cutting so early. TV studios really need to learn that if they are going to begin airing a series, that they need to stick to it and see it through. The best shows are those that the writers end on their own terms, NOT the shows that are ended by the faceless men in the boardroom… RIP SGU.

  • Not to be a jerk, but the wrestling crap gets higher ratings than the original series SciFi puts up.

    As it is, I’ll only be watching SciFi one hour a week… for Sanctuary. It’s an ‘okay’ show, but better than most of the crap on the other networks. I wasn’t a big fan of SGU, either, but it was also better than most of the crap on the other networks.

    To me, it’s only a matter of time before SciFi becomes ‘The Wrestling Channel’.

  • @plex:

    A couple hundred thousand DVD sales are a pittance compared to the weekly income of advertisers.

  • @plex: You should hope that the DVD sales etc. matter to MGM. If they do, they might make some direct-to-DVD movies soon, at least.

    But all that you mentioned, DVDs, Hulu, iTunes don’t matter to SyFy because they don’t own the show, they don’t get any income from those sales. They pay for licensing fees and get their money back from advertisers.

    And how does that work? They estimate how many viewers a show will have and sell advert time based on those estimates. When the ratings are then lower, they have to give the advertisers promo time for FREE until they match the promised number, time that they could sell to someone else.

  • @GreenwoodKevin:

    I’m talking about Sweden. Only 9M people live here so a couple hundred thousand viewers is a lot here.


    Thanks for the explanation, it makes it more clear. Only sorry that there doesn’t seem to be anything we viewers can do about the cancellation. Why even bother getting involved in a series if they’re only going to cancel it after a year or so. Won’t be watching any show made by SyFy, don’t trust them whatsoever.

  • I tried writing a letter to the SyFy network via email and I don’t know if this has happened because of Stargate or the server there sucks but the mailbox was full and my email bounced back. I’m guessing it sucked because I also tried NBC Universal site as well. The only place I could come to was here because I knew people would read and understand how I feel. I was very hopeful for Stargate Universe and as Dr. McKays sister actress pointed out this is probably the end of the franchise. THIS SUCKS. MGM is crippled still and I think SyFy was trying to push Stargate out when it made the guys choose between Atlantis or Universe. Universe bought them some time, but the fans who didn’t like the format because it got serious bailed. What a bummer. Those people think there will be a movie or something but they don’t get what the Great Recession did to MGM. It literally killed two greenlit Stargate movies and now….the future of what we know as Stargate seems to be dead. Guess we will have to hope for a Reboot in the coming years or a Next Generation type show in 10 or 15 LOL. I was a kid when TNG came out LOL. Maybe I can get my kids into Stargate SG1 the next generation LOL. RIP Stargate Franchise 12-16-2010

  • Whether I am really a fan of the show or not, I do feel bad for the actors, the downfall of this show wasn’t their fault, they did give their best and I saw plenty of great acting that I was impressed with even though the stories lagged.

    It’s sad that the actors suffered from the seemingly never-ending tug of war between the writers and the fans. In the midst of all this fighting in the fandom/network, the actors ended up being the collateral damage, I think somehow we forgot that. Poor actors.

    As for SyFy, well, to be honest, I have given up on the network for a long time since Atlantis went off the air, the only show I watch now on SyFy is “Haven” and even that is very few times in between. When SyFy decides to get rid of the wrestling, silly reality shows, and horrid movies that has nothing to do with Sci-Fi AND change its name back properly, maybe I will return.

  • I am a fan of the Stargate Franchise and am very upset about this and plan on causing some noise. How are they going to cancel a show that just started most shows don’t pick up hype till the 3 or 4th season. How about they ask the fans before they just decide to cancel a show seriously!

  • this really sucks! i loved all SG’s and will miss them and have to watch them over and over till someone comes up with something better! i would say… what i think killed it… was bad programming.

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