Adam Brody

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Scientist originally stationed at Icarus Base, now aboard the Ancient deep-space exploratory vessel Destiny. He was forced to evacuate with the rest of the Icarus team to the ninth chevron address during an unexpected attack on the planet by the Lucian Alliance.

Brody was hand-picked for his job by Dr. Nicholas Rush. He has an understanding of Ancient computer systems and their language. He confessed to a kino that once he learned he would be stepping through a Stargate to another world he was convinced he would die away from home. Brody is a bit neurotic and sometimes lacking in confidence, but he is a crucial part of Destiny's science and engineering team.


PLAYED BY: Peter Kelamis


Air, Part 1 - Brody escapes a surprise attack to the Destiny with the rest of the Icarus team.
Air, Part 2 - Rush selects Brody to join him on a mission to an alien planet, but Young insists that he stay aboard.
Darkness - Brody records his message into a kino before it is released into space.
Light - Brody is one of 15 randomly drawn winners for a seat on a shuttle which will escape Destiny's presumed destruction inside a star.
Divided - Brody joins the civilians in an attempt to seize control of the ship from Colonel Young and the military.
Sabotage - Brody makes use of his spare time by building a still, providing the Destiny crew with a little alcohol.
Incursion, Part 2 - Brody and Rush escape the Lucian Alliance to a remote part of the ship, hoping to regain control of the computer systems.
Cloverdale - In Matthew Scott's dream world, Brody runs a bar in Matt's small home town.
Resurgence - Dr. Brody and Sgt. Greer don the environmental suits to investigate a derelict Ursini ship, but are quickly called back when Destiny comes under attack.
Gauntlet - Brody joins the rest of the crew in going into stasis as Destiny prepares to make the long trip across the empty space between galaxies.