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ABC picks up Robert Carlyle’s Once Upon A Time

Friday - May 13, 2011

Great news for Robert Carlyle fans! Just days after the actor bid his farewell to the Destiny as Stargate Universe‘s Dr. Nicholas Rush, ABC has picked up his newest project, sending Once Upon A Time to series.

Carlyle plays the fairy tale character of Rumplestiltskin in the show’s pilot (story). No word yet on whether he will have a full-time role in the ongoing series.

The show alternates between the fairy tale world and a small town in Maine. It stars House‘s Jennifer Morrison as Anna, a  newcomer to the town who discovers that, here, fairy tales might be real. Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and Lana Parilla (Swingtown) also star.

“He’s absolutely, totally insane,” Carlyle said of his character in a video interview for With Kids. “What’s happened is that in fairy [tale] land there is an evil queen, and the evil queen has put a curse on the fairy tale characters because she’s fed up with happy endings. No more happy endings! So Snow White tries to do something about it.”

“They build a jail in fairy [tale] land just for him,” Carlyle laughed.

The show is created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who previously served as producers on LOST.

We’re also awaiting word on whether Once Upon A Time will be a part of ABC’s fall schedule, or set for midseason.  That should come when ABC officially announces its 2011-2012 schedule at its upfront presentation this coming Tuesday.

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  • This is great news, ABC really believes in its ex-LOST writers. I hope the show is good, but I will watch it for Carlyle alone anyway! Big fan here!

    I also read elsewhere (from industry insiders) that Carlyle is also set to star in an indie drama film, titled “California Solo”. It’s the story of an ex-rocker who lived in LA for 20 years and he’s now deported out of the US.

  • Heh. Now i’m intrigued by it… definitely check it out when it premieres.

  • I’ll check out the pilot just to see Robert. As expected, he doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding work. Good for him.

  • Found a bit more info about Carlyle’s new movie I mentioned above: it shoots in LA this June. Plot-wise, he is to be deported back to Scotland following a DUI bust.

    In other TV scifi news just today, ABC canceled “V” and “The Ordinary Family”. NBC canceled “The Event”. Last night it was made known that “Wonder Woman” won’t see a series pickup. I hope the new season brings more new scifi shows, and that “Once Upon a Time” is successful. Sounds like a good idea for a show.

  • A female character goes to a little town in Maine where unusual and paranormal things happen that resemble fantasy? Isn’t this already a show on SyFy?

  • Will definitely check this one out. Sounds really good.

  • I will check this show out, bobby didn’t take long to get another gig lol.

  • So how long do you think it will be before they start marketing it as the next Lost.

  • An I was also meant to add and cancel it when it does not match there expectations in the ratings department.

  • V and The Event have been cancelled? You know what i’m never watching US TV shows again, i’m through completely, last straw now!

    Wake me up when Americans realise that reality shows are stuipid and start watching well written sci-fi..

    I think the Save SGU campaign should be expanded to Save Sci-FI

  • The way Sci-FI shows are dropping like flies, the fact that I have have not heard of any new ones next year, all the ones I hear are fantasy or superheroes, even Blood and Chrome have not been greenlighted for a full season yet. We may have to launch a save Sci Fi on TV campagn. Fringe is rumor to have been told that season 4 is its lasts.

  • Actually I read an article that Television as a whole is plummeting, advertising dollars are being re-distributed to other medians and with so many channels competing for so little dollars, they can no longer afford quality programing….I for one (using a great Red Dwarf term) think they are all smeg heads..they need to advertise across the bottom and maybe a picture window to ensure advertisement dollars..No I do not like the idea but if money and advertisers were that important then they should figure out a better methodology to selling stuff

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