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SG-1 Season Two Awards: Results!

Friday - September 30, 2011
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Thanks to everyone for voting in the SG-1 Season Two Awards! Here are the complete vote results for all of the nominees. (See the award winners here.)

Nominations and voting for the best of Season Three will take place in October 2011.


Jack finds Daniel in a storage room, going through withdrawl from his sarcophagus addition, and comforts his friend. (“Need”) (14%)

Having had the Ancients’ library of knowledge downloaded into his brain, Jack is driven to an unexpected meeting with the Asgard in another galaxy. (“The Fifth Race”) (78%)

Jack argues with Colonel Cromwell about his decision to leave him behind on a mission many years ago. (“A Matter of Time”) (8%)


Struck down by a staff weapon blast on board a Goa’uld attack ship, Daniel insists that Jack the others leave him behind and save themselves. (“The Serpent’s Lair”) (43%)

Daniel must endure an agonizing withdrawl after he becomes addicted to the Goa’uld sarcophagus technology. (“Need”) (16%)

Daniel is reunited with his wife Sha’re, but must allow her to return to Apophis after she gives birth to his child. (“Secrets”) (41%)


Trapped in a holding cell after she becomes host to a Tok’ra fugitive, Sam/Jolinar pleads with Colonel O’Neill for her freedom. (“In the Line of Duty”) (20%)

Sam works tirelessly to free Colonel O’Neill after he is pinned to the wall of the gateroom by an alien device, and finally decides they must risk killing him. (“Message In a Bottle”) (33%)

Sam must turn down an opportunity to join NASA when her father Jacob re-enters her life, along with news that he is dying of cancer. (“Secrets”) (47%)


Returning home to Chulak, Teal’c finds that his wife has remarried and his son has been brainwashed by Apophis to see him as a traitor. (“Family”) (15%)

Teal’c remains faithfully at Colonel O’Neill’s side when an alien technology pins him to the Gate Room wall. “Undomesticated equines” could not drag him away. (“Message In a Bottle”) (36%)

As SG-1 desperately tries to escape the blast of a rocket looming above them inside a missile silo, Teal’c calmly zats the engine and disables it. (“1969”) (50%)


The General vows to remain at the S.G.C. to fight the Goa’uld, and reprimands Colonel Samuels for his desire to escape to the Alpha Site. (“The Serpent’s Lair”) (31%)

Hammond makes his first off-world trip to plead with the Taldor for the return of SG-1 from the prison world of Hadante. (“Prisoners”) (10%)

The General greets SG-1 upon their return from the past, informing Jack that he owes him “539 dollars and fifty cents” for the money he borrowed from his younger self. (“1969”) (59%)


Each member of the team volunteers to help the people of Cimmeria, taking responsibility for a looming invasion by the Goa’uld. (“Thor’s Chariot”) (23%)

Despite their misgivings about Rya’c, the team continues to stick behind Teal’c and help him rescue the boy from Apophis. (“Family”) (8%)

SG-1 is trapped in the year 1969, and must go incognito and cross the country with a pair of hippies to find a way to return home. (“1969”) (69%)


The Asgard (82%)
The Re’tu (7%)
The Tok’ra (12%)


Tony Amendola as Bra’tac (“The Serpent’s Lair”) (33%)
Tom McBeath as Harry Maybourne (“Bane”) (15%)
Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter (“The Tok’ra, Part 2”) (42%)
Marshall Teague as Frank Cromwell (“A Matter of Time”) (2%)
Peter Williams as Apophis (“Serpent’s Song”) (9%)


In the Line of Duty (4%)
Secrets (3%)
The Fifth Race (59%)
A Matter of Time (7%)
1969 (26%)

(Percentages are rounded to the nearest full point, so results for each category won’t always add up to an even 100%. Those with an equal percentage of votes after rounding are listed in their winning order based on actual votes.)


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  • Whenever I look back at episodes like ‘The Fifth Race’ it saddens me, that the whole thing with the 4 races and man’s destiny never really came to fruition. Somebody with a lot of money needs to write scricpts for 2 or 3 stargate movies, finishing off the SGU arc and what’s left to finish in SGA on a worthy note, and combine all that with SG-1 . . . with the Furlings saving the day at the very end. No, seriously. This mythology had and still has so much potential. It would be a crime to just let it end the way it is now. But oh well, I’ve already shed enough tears. xD

  • Considering that StarGate movies are almost certainly not on the plate in the future, I am hoping for the book series to stay active. The possibilities are only limited by the writers’ imagination. That and a continuing market. Hopefully, the fan base will be sufficient to keep the franchise alive in some form.

  • And STILL people complain on every comments area about Universes’ cancellation. Get over it already, don’t clutter otherwise excellent articles with it.

    Also, I too agree with every result. The Asgard were amazing.

  • Virtually none of my selections won, but I am having a good time with the poll. Easy to do because the nominees, and winners, are all great SG-1 moments. More, please! I’m already looking forward to the season 3 nomination process, poll, and winners.

  • How does it clutter the article when I express my feelings on part of what’s mentioned in it? Give me a break.

  • I knew I was fighting an uphill battle against an all-time favorite such as “The Fifth Race”, but it’s a battle lost that I’ll gladly accept with a warm smile.

    “Race” will always be in my personal Top Five of *all* SG episodes (SG1, SGA, or SGU), but “A Matter of TIme” will always be my Season Two personal pick. It was an outstanding piece of action-oriented storytelling in a series only two years old at the time…

  • I have to say, Need is an excellently acted movie. I think these best episodes are more like, fan favorites. But as far as acting goes, Need was done really well.

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