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Season Seven, to me, took the Stargate franchise to a new level of acclaim as its stories gave the series a more international flavor, while at the same time cementing Earth/Tau’ri as the newest rising force in the galaxy. *wow* Mean while, back in our OWN reality, SG’s next season- combined with SGA and that lil’ blockbuster called BSG- took us sci-fi fans to head-spinning heights of nirvana by showing up on (then) Sci-Fi Channel’s “Sci-Fi Fridays”… To… this… DAY (!!), I still have to wonder how the suits at Sci-Fi Channel turned what was a once a stroke of… Read more »

The Admiral

I hated when the SGU haters went and said “blah blah drama has no place in Stargate, this is about the adventure, not everyone’s emotional problems. This isn’t Stargate blah blah blah”. This season is PROOF that emotional drama is an interwoven part of the Stargate franchise, and you can’t make that claim that it doesn’t belong and that’s why SGU died. Its not a cogent argument, here’s some proof right in front of you, a whole season’s worth that was some of the best Stargate ever produced!


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Season 7 of Sg1 remains to this day my favorite season of Stargate alltogether. Out of all the seasons and Stargate series!It is also intersesting that now I read the results,it ends up this time,my favorite moments fit the general trend less than ever.Only about 50%,lol..Usually it’s only one,or two answers that I favored differently than most ppl. And i agree Sci-Fi Fridays were THE Golden Age of then SciFi Channel! Too bad they went ahead and changed that..and tried to fix what was not broken..regardless of first SG1 and then BSG ending.Other things could’ve filled the spot,because that was… Read more »


I swore I would never get sucked into the show…but I kept on watching. I swore I would not watch the later seasons…I kept working my way through. I never cry over anything I watch on TV or in movies…and I cried over “Heroes” and “Lost City”. This season is everything the earlier seasons were. Some of my favorite episodes aired during this season (Lifeboat and Fragile Balance), and my favorite 2-parter aside from In the Serpent’s Lair/In the Serpent’s Gasp aired this season (Lost City). I can see why it came back for another season, as this was supposed… Read more »


@dancer – completely agree. either it should have wrapped up after season 8 – or keep it going forever!!!


Heroes still affected me even though I knew what was coming… So sad to lose Dr. Janet Frasier (Teryl Rothery) from the team.

Still one of the best episodes of the series.


Season 7 of SG-1 is by far one of the best series in TV history.


Well everything I voted for won,

except two, which I can’t believe didn’t.

The best Carter moment should have been for Grace and the best Daniel moment should have been for Lifeboat. Both episodes were arguably the best acting done by Shanks and Tapping. Their talents were pushed in a way rarely seen in TV sci-fi.


fellow sg-1 fans, i agree ! season 7 was one of the best seasons of sg-1 . lost city 1 and 2 was really a great story among many others that would take too much space to list . sg-1 was one of the best shows on tv and still is to me .