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Aiden Ford’s character was “evidently killed off”? I disagree. More like he was dismissed by the producers and the writers. They didn’t know if they would bring him back at some point so they decided to kill him off in the most unclear way possible.

Sam and Jack Shipper

I never understood the decision to cut Ford. He was a great character and they could have done so much more with him.

Joe Friday

First Rainbow Sun Francks got the boot, then Torri Higginson. I always had the feeling that SGA was not loyal to it’s key cast members.


After learning Ford would be written out at the end of Season 1, I got the feeling the show’s writers just didn’t have the creativity to make the show work. He was one of the FREAKING main cast of characters they created for the show. He was a great component and, while his tendency to name things always felt forced, I thought the character had a lot of potential. Unlike Sheppard, Ford was experienced with Stargate travel. He was young, but far from inexperienced or unskilled. But as time went on, as seen in the first season, they show became… Read more »