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Austin Harper
16 days ago

I’ve been waiting 10 years to get this on my shelf!

15 days ago

Better (extremely) late than never, I guess.

14 days ago

Every time i see the SGU poster here my heart is stopping for a moment.
Deep inside of me there is a hope for a new SG show and a new info about it.

Ugly Pig
Ugly Pig
14 days ago

At least both seasons are available in 1080p on iTunes. It will be interesting to see how this Blu-Ray release compares.

11 days ago

Hoping for the best for this release and that it is 1080p.

10 days ago

I preordered mine two days ago and it just shipped from Niagara Falls, NY today, 1/12 when the site said pre-order for release on 1/15. Shipped early! Woo!

Ben Quadinaros
Ben Quadinaros
6 days ago

It would be nice if a publisher took this opportunity to release new comics/novels continuing the show.

David Walters
2 days ago

I already own Season 1. Any chance of just buying Season 2?

Also, does anybody know if the S1 extras are the same as the previous release?

By the way, the original Blu Ray bonuses were not the same as the DVD release.

Last edited 2 days ago by David Walters