Game Publisher Says Stargate: Timekeepers Will Be Out This July

Slitherine Software has been silent on the development of its new tactical strategy game for the past year. Now there's some good news for gamers.

Stargate: Timekeepers (CreativeForge / Slitherine)

Stargate: Timekeepers is nearly finished and ready for its global debut, despite a year of radio silence.

The real-time tactics game will be available for PC this July, publisher Slitherine Software says. The news came in the company’s weekly “It’s Tea Time with Slitherine” livestream earlier this spring and was first reported by French fan site

“We plan to release the game in July,” Slitherine’s marketing director Marco Minoli said in response to a player question about the game. “The beta will start in early or possibly late May.”

“This will be a different beta compared to other betas we have worked on in the past,” Minoli added. “This is because Timekeepers is story-based. It’s a story-driven type of game. So we need to check that the missions are there and that the progression is working properly. It’s not something we can just try leaving out animation or some 3D objects. You can consider it almost like a full game going into beta. You have to find a balance with the help of the players. That’s why we’re heading into a shorter beta that will precede the game’s launch in July.”

Stargate: Timekeepers (CreativeForge / Slitherine)

Reps from both Slitherine and MGM confirmed to GateWorld that the game is still in development, and that further news will be coming soon as the launch draws closer. Timekeepers is being developed by Poland’s CreativeForge Games.

Previously Slitherine hadn’t spoken publicly about the game since May 2022, when the game’s senior producer Neil McKenna suggested that developers were hoping to reach the beta testing stage last summer.

Stargate: Timekeepers is a top-down tactical strategy game, with a story that begins at the end of Stargate SG-1‘s seventh season — in the aftermath of the battle with Anubis’ forces over Antarctica. The story and game play will feature familiar races, weapons, and tech from the television show as players take control of a new team of heroes led by the S.G.C.’s Commander Eva McCain.

The story will include the Hak’tyl tribe of female Jaffa warriors, as well as their struggle against the Goa’uld Moloc.

A'ta (Stargate: Timekeepers)

The story will unfold over 14 missions, which the devs say should take the average player around an hour each. From Slitherine:

Eva and her team of specialists are tasked with a new mission in the Stargate universe: help the Jaffa Resistance, prevent brutal rituals, strike against Moloc’s army, and seek an alliance with the Unas.

During the fight against a new power hungry Goa’uld system lord, Dolus, the team gets stuck in a timeloop! How to break the loop and turn the tables in their favour is up to you. In Stargate: Timekeepers choices matter – the adventure has multiple potential outcomes: using other worldly tech, travel back in time and replay the missions to shape your heroes’ destiny.

Timekeepers is now available to wishlist on Steam and GOG. The current specs list it as a 45 GB installation.

Stargate: Timekeepers (CreativeForge / Slitherine)

The publisher has also opted in Timekeepers for the GeForce NOW cloud streaming service, though it remains to be seen whether NVIDIA will make the game playable there.

Keep it locked on GateWorld for full coverage of the Stargate: Timekeepers launch this summer! Find out more about the game in our 2022 first look.

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Joshua J. Slone
3 months ago

Fingers crossed, but rushing to release after going silent for so long is a pretty unusual move. Like movies or games that try to preserve early sales by not letting reviewers at it ahead of time.