Al Martell

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Producer of IWN's Inside Access and employer of reporter Julia Donovan. Al tried to find a happy medium between Donovan and the Air Force when the President himself had canceled Donovan's Prometheus Project story. Therefore, Al proposed that his staff sign nondisclosure agreements to document Prometheus in its entirety and turn the footage over to the Air Force until it went to press, allowing Inside Access the exclusive. His suggestion was accepted, though the Air Force planned on disposing of the completed footage.

Al was in league with the rogue element of the N.I.D. to gain access to the starship in the ultimate hopes of gaining access to alien technology at a specified location from Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld. They had offered him a substantial amount of cash for this. He double-crossed Donovan but wound up getting himself killed on board Prometheus by the very people he aided.


PLAYED BY - George Wyner


Prometheus - Al Martell is offered a good amount of money from the N.I.D. -- if he will aid them in boarding Prometheus.