Del Tynan

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Hebridian human, the supervisor of the garbage disposal division at Tech Con Group. Tynan was not particularly trustworthy, but no one was able to prove he was involved in illegal activities. As a result, he was passed for advancement on three separate occasions, having been under investigation by his superiors at Tech Con for more than a year. He was active in his beliefs that the Serrakin were oppressing the human portion of the Hebridan populace, making pure humans "second-class citizens."

Eamon and Teal'c believed Tynan was responsible for the sabotage of almost every ship in the 59th Loop of Kon Garat -- with the exception of that of Muirios, a human pilot with whom he was conspiring. Finally, with the help of Eamon and Teal'c, Tynan's actions were revealed and he was fired by President Hagan and turned over to the authorities.


PLAYED BY - Allan Lysell


Space Race - Tynan, convinced the Serrakin are oppressing humans on Hebridan, makes certain a full-blooded human, Muirios, will win the Loop.