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A peaceful alien race that, long ago, was successful in integrating with a human society after freeing them from Goa'uld oppression on the planet Hebridan. The Serrakin are quite alien in appearance, with dark-warm skin tones, muscular heads and blood-red eyes. The two integrated halves of the civilization are collectively known as Hebridians.

The Serrakin are an intelligent and skilled people, and have helped to make Hebridan a thriving and technologically advanced culture.


HOMEWORLD - Hebridan


Forsaken - SG-1 meet a group of human Hebridians, who convince them that the unnamed Serrakin are evil aliens who arrived through the Stargate to destroy them.
Space Race - The Serrakin Warrick arrives at the S.G.C. to invite SG-1 to Hebridan for trade negotiations, as well as helping him win a prestigious race.
Bounty - A pair of Serrakin bounty hunters attempt to visit Earth to capture SG-1, but are shot down in space by the ruthless Odai Ventrell