Francine Michaels

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Doctor stationed at the White Rock Research Station in Antarctica since the discovery of the beta gate during the first year of the S.G.C.'s inception. Michaels and her associates believed they would uncover more evidence a lot faster after digging up the two Jaffa that were originally found.

Eventually their research did pay off. Michaels was astounded by the discovery of a human her team found buried in the ice. She named her Ayiana, which is American Indian for "Eternal Bloom" (as her Grandfather was one-quarter Cherokee). Later it was discovered Ayiana was probably a living Ancient, at least several million years old.

Michaels was stricken with the sickness Ayiana had carried with her (very likely the plague of the Ancients), but she was healed by Ayiana to travel back to the S.G.C. It is uncertain if Michaels returned to Antarctica to continue her study.


PLAYED BY - Venus Terzo


Frozen - Dr. Michaels and her fellow scientists discover a block of ice containing the body of a frozen human woman and summon SG-1 to the scene.