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Commander of great authority in the Rand Protectorate on the planet Tegalus. His Chief aide was Jarrod Kane. Gareth spent a great deal of time in negotiations with Minister Treydan of the Caledonian Federation. He promised Caledonia's scientists complete access to the Stargate (which everyone had recently discovered to be an interstellar doorway).

When Soren, a Rand citizen and religious zealot, used the Stargate's existence to prove his beliefs were true, he put Gareth in a difficult situation by taking control of several key cities, and eventually controlling one of Rand's four missile launch points. Commander Gareth pleaded with Minister Treydan to not escalate the incident into a full-scale war, but Treydan insisted he would only target Rand's missile sites.

Soren fired back, plunging the planet into war, with disastrous results. Commander Gareth left the confines of the bunker to search for survivors in the rubble, but he was eventually captured by Soren's forces.

Gareth was executed following the fall of the Rand bunker.


PLAYED BY - Timothy Webber


Icon - Commander Gareth and his ministers greet SG-1, not realizing their presence will plunge Rand and the Caledonian Federation into an all-out war.