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Religious fundamentalist from the planet Tegalus, member of a small band of Rand Protectorate citizens who still believe in the gods. Soren's beliefs were solidified when rumors that interstellar travelers had arrived through the Great Ring of Avidan. It was all the excuse he needed to build his forces, take control of several cities and move on a missile site under Rand control.

With the missile site he launched weapons on the Caledonian Federation, which in turn launched missiles on the Rand Protectorate. With both sides reduced to rubble, Soren and his forces moved in on the Rand command bunker, killed Commander Gareth and staked the flag of his new nation, Avidan.

Soren continued negotiations with Stargate Command who were only interested in retrieving Dr. Daniel Jackson. They were prepared to offer the Avidans food and medical supplies to fight the incoming diseases of the recent devastation. However, Soren was only interested in weaponry to help him "purge" the nonbelievers and dissenters that he combed the countryside in search for. It was his ultimate plan to eventually invade and conquer the devastated Caledonian Federation as well.

When General Jack O'Neill refused to share weapons technology, Soren broke off relations with Earth. He did not realize that Dr. Jackson had successfully contacted S.G.C., where a strike on the bunker was arranged.

Several military forces from Stargate Command and the remnants of the Rand military struck the compound. Soren was not willing to leave his post in the bunker, and when one of his officers pressed him enough he took his sidearm and shot her. After this act, he lost control of his men, and intended to show them true faith by exiting the protected chamber and facing the enemy head-on. It was there that Jarrod Kane shot him in the chest, killing him.


PLAYED BY - James Kidnie


Icon - Soren attempts to bridge relations with the people of Earth, offering a search of Dr. Daniel Jackson in exchange for weapons and technology of the like.