Goa'uld escape pod

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One-person escape device installed in various Goa'uld and Tok'ra vessels. The escape pods are sculpted into a gold chevron at the top. An opening splits down the center to allow access.

Escape pods possess their own life support systems. In the event of a hull breach, they can be occupied, and not launched, to preserve the individuals inside.


Deadman Switch - Teal'c and Aris Boch evacuate a tel'tak in escape pods, making Sokar believe they were destroyed.
Jolinar's Memories - Members of SG-1 and Martouf take four escape pods to the smoldering surface of Ne'tu in hopes of locating Jacob/Selmak.
Last Stand - Daniel takes advantage of an escape pod to avoid a deadly fight between Osiris and Yu.
Fail Safe - Carter and Jackson sustain themselves within two Tel'tak escape pods after the life support is breached from a meteor impact.