Hamilton (I)

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S.G.C. scientist, assigned to work on M4C-862. Hamilton and Colonel O'Neill hit it off badly from the start. The scientist wanted to conduct a survey of several nearby underground cave networks, but O'Neill forbade it until he and Teal'c were able to make a threat assessment. O'Neill eventually authorized it, but not before Hamilton encountered the light aliens. Hamilton stood in the midst of the creatures and was unharmed.

It was later, after he and his team had captured one of the beings, that they became aggressive and Hamilton was forced to hide out inside one of the compounds in the main research area. After O'Neill successfully dialed the Stargate he managed to escape back to Earth. However, he first apologized to the Colonel for his disregard for authority.


PLAYED BY - Hrothgar Matthews


Prodigy - Hamilton is a member of the research team on M4C-862, and forced to make a speedy retreat when local aliens become aggressive.