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A race of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy who covertly work with the Genii when it suits both cultures to do so. Smeadon is a high-ranking official of this race. The Manarians may have once been a part of the Genii confederation before it was destroyed by the Wraith millennia ago.

Sergeant Bates made the first trade agreements over food with the people. With not-so-open arms, they admitted almost all of the Athosians and Atlantis expedition members to their world when Atlantis and the mainland were threatened by a massive hurricane ... only to sell them out to the Genii, informing Cowen that Atlantis had been evacuated and helping Commander Acastus Kolya find a way to get past the city's defenses with his raiding party.


FIRST APPEARED - Underground


Underground - After a failed attempt at an alliance between the Genii, Dr. Weir informs Major Sheppard that Sergeant Bates was able to broker a trade with the Manarians for food.
The Storm - Smeadon of the Manarians manages to obtain an Athosian's G.D.O. and access codes to allow Kolya of the Genii to infiltrate the city of Atlantis and take it for themselves.