Miroslav Kiselev

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Russia's defense minister. He graduated with a gold medal from Malinovsky Tank Academy, received the Hero of Russia for his distinguished leadership in Chechnya, commanded the Carpathian Military District's Iron Division, then the 14th Army in the Transcaucasus Military District. He was the head of Russia's General Staff Academy for five years before being appointed to his present position as Defense Minister. He is suspicious of American global influence and is highly critical of NATO expansion plans, continuing to exercise authority over all of Russia's armed forces -- including their nuclear arsenal.

After the fall of communism in Russia Kiselev was one of many Russian officials instructed to begin quiet negotiations with the west. He and then Senator Robert Kinsey gained a mutual respect for one another. After they were taken over by the Goa'uld, the Trust asked Kinsey to arrange a meeting with Kiselev -- likely so he could be implanted with a symbiote. The Goa'uld would then have control of the entire Russian military, and their finger on the trigger to start a nuclear war on planet Earth.

Fortunately the Goa'ulded Kinsey was arrested (on suspicion of attempted murder) before getting close to Kiselev. When Colonel Chekov attempted to do an end run around his defense minister in the hopes of defraying an increased climate in the military operations of Russia, Kiselev had several members of the military arrested on trumped-up charges of staging a military coup. Kiselev then ordered Daniel Jackson and the Goa'uld-occupied Kinsey to be taken into custody, but Jackson used a locator beacon to beam he and the Goa'uld aboard the Prometheus.

It was soon deduced that Kiselev was likely already implanted with a symbiote around 2002. As shown in photographs, his bad eye sight had been cured in the intervening years. Since Kiselev suffered from severe glaucoma there was no way he could have went without his glasses, as evidenced in the picture. The Goa'ulded Robert Kinsey was likely trying to reach Kiselev to seek protection when the bombs dropped on Russia.

Kiselev attempted to launch at least one of Russia's nuclear warheads, but a quick communiqué between Colonel Chekov, General Jack O'Neill and Russian President Mikhailov stopped this in time.




Full Alert - Carter begins an analysis on Defense Minister Kiselev and comes to the disconcerting conclusion that he may be a Goa'uld host.