Paul Langford

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Doctor and Professor in archaeology. Langford was present in Giza, Egypt with his daughter Catherine when the Stargate was unearthed from the plateau in 1928. Totally unaware of what the device was, he spent the next several years trying to solve the mysteries behind the ring.

Langford eventually managed to open the doorway in the Stargate and allow Dr. Ernest Littlefield to travel through the puddle to the other side. When the Stargate shut down, it was believed Littlefield was lost, and he never tried to open the gate again, telling Catherine her fiancée-to-be had been killed in a lab explosion.


PLAYED BY - Erik Holland, Duncan Fraser, Connor Trinneer
FIRST APPEARED - "Stargate" the Movie


"Stargate" the Movie - Dr. Littlefield observes the recently unearthed Stargate, and is completely blown away as to the origins or purpose of the device.
The Torment of Tantalus - Dr. Langford manages to successfully open the Stargate, and sends Dr. Littlefield to, what he would later believe to be, his death.