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Terrorist opposed to the Honduran government, who captured Drs. Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee and took possession of the Ancients' healing device they had just discovered. Raphael held them for ransom and questioned the men, torturing them with electricity from a car battery. He managed to extract valuable information from Lee, who told him the purpose of the Ancients' healing device.

Raphael managed to turn the cube on, and soon began to experience its effects. Though he felt tremendously rejuvenated, it was clear that he was shaken by the powerful technology and very on-edge. Chalo, an associate, demanded the device be deactivated, and Raphael killed him in response.

When Chalo's body was resuscitated as an insane zombie by the device, Raphael and his men later fired at him. The distraction allowed Jackson and Lee to escape, but Raphael and his men gave chase, shooting Jackson in the leg. Raphael threatened to cut Jackson apart with a machete, but was killed by a shot in the back from Jack O'Neill and Burke, who had arrived on a rescue mission.


PLAYED BY - Frank Roman
FIRST APPEARED - Evolution, Part 1


Evolution, Part 1 - Raphael and his men meet Jackson and Lee after they emerge from the underground catacombs, taking them to their base of operations in Central America.
Evolution, Part 2 - Raphael continues to interrogate Jackson and Lee, eventually being moved by the healing device to murder his own man, and is later shot by O'Neill and Burke.