Bill Lee

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Civilian scientist who works at Stargate Command. Lee is an engineer who is often called upon to work with alien technology. He served as Daniel Jackson's aid on a mission to Honduras to locate the Ancients' healing device.

Lee and Jackson entered an ancient series of underground catacombs beneath a waterfall in Honduras and successfully located the Ancients' device, hidden away beneath the floor. He and Jackson barely made it out alive after triggering a booby trap, only to be captured by Honduran terrorists, led by Raphael, and held for ransom.

For days Lee and Jackson remained in captivity. Once, Lee succumbed to electric torture and spilled the truth about the healing device. He and Jackson made their escape out of the back of their wooden cell, only to be chased down by the terrorists. Daniel concealed Lee behind a tree, where he remained until rescued by Jack O'Neill and Burke.


PLAYED BY - Bill Dow


Prodigy - Dr. Lee is assigned to M4C-862 where he and the scientists discover an incredible race of light creatures, for which Lee develops an effective containment vessel.
Paradise Lost - Dr. Lee aids Samantha Carter in investigating the disappearance of O'Neill and Maybourne.
Evolution, Part 1 - Lee and Jackson travel to Honduras to locate an ancient piece of technology, only to be captured by Honduran terrorists.
Evolution, Part 2 - Lee and Jackson flee from their captors and manage to hide long enough before O'Neill arrives to save them.
Heroes, Part 1 - Dr. Lee demonstrates the use of his ceramic polymer vest shield to the video documentary team.
Resurrection - Lee joins SG-1 in an investigation of a secret N.I.D. laboratory, where he and Teal'c must find a way to defuse a Goa'uld bomb.
Zero Hour - An alien plant grows like wildfire in the S.G.C., and Lee tries to keep it under control.
Avatar - Lee monitors Teal'c as the Jaffa goes inside a virtual reality simulator that the scientist has helped to develop from alien technology.
Critical Mass - Dr. Lee devises a way to communicate with the Daedalus so that the ship may inform Atlantis not to dial Earth for the weekly update. A Trust operative has planted a bomb in the city, programmed to detonate when they dial.
Adrift - Lee works with Colonel Samantha Carter to bring the Midway Space Station online. But an emergency brings the two to the Pegasus Galaxy to try and locate Atlantis in deep space.
Lifeline - Dr. Lee arrives with the Apollo to help rescue Atlantis and land the city on its new home planet.
Air, Part 2 - Nicholas Rush briefly trades bodies with Dr. Lee when he returns to Earth for the first time, after arriving on the Destiny.